Beauty Shopping in the USA

USA Beauty Shopping - 42

You guys know I’m an American expat; born & raised in New England, currently living in old England. I’m also a beauty blogger who reads other beauty blogs. And every so often a blogger will rave about their USA shopping experience and I’ll think: Damn, that sounds awesome! Why did I not take advantage of all this beauty amazingness when I was living in the USA? 

So on my most recent trip back home (though it doesn’t really feel like ‘home’ anymore because I have two ‘homes’ now… it’s complicated, but I’m sure my expat friends will know what I mean!) I decided to have a beauty shopping binge fest and, fingers crossed, hoped to experience the awesomeness of what so many other beauty bloggers tell about.

No spoilers, here’s how it went…
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My latest travel skin care favourites & routine

Travel Skincare - 1

You guys, I think I’ve cracked it: my ideal (for me) skin care routine while traveling! I’ve been regularly travelling internationally for years now, and every time I fly I find my skin gets irritated and breaks out. But during my recent USA holiday I found a routine that seemed to keep everything in check…
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Triyoga on the roof at Selfridges

Triyoga on the roof at Selfridges

Last summer Triyoga launched their alfresco yoga series at Selfridges, and, sadly, I wasn’t able to go. But let’s not focus on the negative, let’s focus on the positive – the alfresco yoga series is back, and it’s on every Tuesday morning this summer until 1 September! I went by last week, and had an amazing experience…  Continue reading