Mai: My Little Provence Box (Provence is a state of mind…)

My Little Provence Box

It was just last week that I returned from Cannes for a work business trip, so it was perfect timing that the May My Little Box arrived while I was pining for the fresh seaside air and French atmosphere. Even more perfect was the theme of the box: My Little Provence Box. What better way to kick to the post-France blues?
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Reviewing my French beauty buys: Caudalíe Purifying Mask

Paris Beauty Buys - 02

OK, so, I have a bit of a confession to make: as much as I love skin care and beauty, face masks have never really been ‘my thing’. I’ve tried a few that I really like, but I never used them often – just here & there when I had a particular skin concern to address or when I felt like I needed some pampering. But while I was shopping at the French Pharmacy in Paris the Caudalíe Purifying Mask was forced (quite literally, actually) into my basket as the sales assistant said: “This one is good for you. Use it weekly and goodbye spots.” Now, who am I to argue with that?

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Earl of East London x Blue Guy Pottery: Wanderlust Series

wpid-20150507_200028.jpg For the past couple months my colleague Nikko (AKA my desk buddy, *waves*) has been bringing in candles that he’s developed for his business, Earl of East London, and I’ve responded by trying to sneak them home (he’s clever and always catches me). So when Earl of East London collaborated with Blue Guy Pottery for the Wanderlust series I was all too happy to come down and check out the collection at the launch party. (Spoiler alert: I didn’t even try to steal any candles at the event because that wouldn’t be nice of me at all.) Continue reading

New in London: Melt Room (It never melt so good…)


One of my favourite things about living in London is that there’s always something new happening, and recently that something new was the opening of Melt Room, a new grilled cheese sandwich shop in Soho. It’s not too far from my office, so on the opening day several of my colleagues and I stopped by on our lunch break to check out the selection of grilled cheese sandwiches…

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Reviewing my French Beauty Buys: Biotherm Biosource

Paris Beauty Buys - 02

This review about Biotherm’s Biosource is one that I’ve been really excited about writing. It was thrust into my hands during my French Pharmacy experience and recommended for me over a more expensive cleanser on my list so I wasn’t about to say no. Though at first glance I totally judged the bottle by it’s design and thought: hrmph, that doesn’t look impressive – it looks like a large bottle of hand soap! But I was wrong. Oh so wrong because it was love at first use…  Continue reading

Checking out Lucky Dip Club: It’s Raining Cats & Dogs

Lucky Dip Club - 01

Subscription boxes: they’re trendy, fun, and usually less than £20 after p&p – which means they can make a nice monthly gift to yourself.

So after following Lucky Dip Club on Instagram for a few months and totally falling in love with the bright colours and quirky designs, I decided to take the plunge, purchase a box, and see how it went…
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