Let’s take this down a notch…

At some point last week I decided to start this crazy mission to try all the veggie burritos in London. A bit excessive, perhaps, but I just love burritos that much!

However, today I woke up with 86 new hits on my blog. Say WHAT!? Now, I’m not sure what to say except that I’m pretty sure a lot of those were from the corporate level at the burrito places I’ve written about so far. I’m also pretty sure they are not the same demographic/audience that wants to read my about my personal life and break up rants.

Therefore, I have made a decision: I have created a separate blog for my burrito reviews.

This way all you burrito lovin’ internet friends can get your burrito lush on without the damper of my rants or pictures of my gorgeous friends. Keep reading this blog if you fancy – I’d love you to! But now the burrito addiction has a home of it’s own.

Happy munching!

www.katiesburritomission.wordpress.com || all old entries have been transferred over

See that jump in stats? Those are views for my entry about Chipotle.

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