100 feet underground

Confirming why my mobile doesn't have service down here.

The bowels of the city, the underground, the tube – call it what you like, millions of people willingly use mechanical shuttles to shoot them about London hundreds of feet below ground.

And, to be honest, there’s an odd feeling down there.

You look out windows the tube windows and see walls and artificial lights instead of the sky. During rush hour people will squish themselves inside the carriages so their faces are buried in a strangers armpit or back, yet these same two people invading each other’s space wont make eye contact or small talk. Other times the carriages are empty and you have a false security of privacy; go on, pick your nose – it’s only CCTV watching!

Recently I used my iPhone to photograph part of my journey home from Camden Town, taking the Northern Line and then the Victoria. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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