I’m a big kid now

Settling in at KashFlow with my own mug.

Back in January I started working at KashFlow, accounting software in the cloud, and I’m still really excited about this. I have friendly co-workers, understanding/encouraging bosses and I work in an excellent neighbourhood. (Think Borough Market and picnics near Tower Bridge for lunch.)

However, I’d like to share what I’ve learned about having a full time job – because it’s not just about co-workers and location.

I have money!

No longer an intern, I receive a monthly paycheque that I can spend on whatever I like. Unfortunately, I don’t have the luxury of wealthy parents so the majority of this glorious cheque is spent on bills, rent, transportation and food. After that I can get in a few nights at the pub, some new shoes and maybe a haircut, depending on the month. Regardless, it’s great knowing that I can sustain my lifestyle without thinking: If i buy another pint I won’t be able to afford lunch tomorrow…

I have no free time :(

Alas, while I can now afford to go out it doesn’t mean I do.

Commuting aside, I’ve got about four hours of free time before bed after work and weekends to enjoy. In this time I am typically exhausted from working/commuting all week  (Goodbye, Saturday morning hangovers!), cleaning the flat, running errands I didn’t get to do during the week (Hello, Post Office at 10am on a Saturday!) and sleeping.

Side note: I have been out with my coworkers more often in the past four months than I have with most of my friends. Which I guess makes them my new friends? (It’s a good thing we get on – I do spend an average of 40 hours/week with them!)

This isn’t uni

Missed a uni deadline? No worries – get an extension.

Don’t get on with your group for that “team work project”? Just ask the tutor to be switched to a different group.

Overslept and missed the first class of the day? Who cares? Attendance isn’t taken most of the time anyway.

Welp, having a job is not like uni. That missed deadline? It’s a warning that your job is on the line. Don’t get on with the team? Tough shit. Either learn to get on or find a new job. Overslept? That’s another warning. (Get enough warnings and you’ll lose your job.) Also, hangovers can seriously affect your work and when you’ve got a job it’s not good form to show up with a hangover. Hangovers are also not an acceptable excuse for being late, missing work or oversleeping. (So long, student Tuesdays at Ministry of Sound…)

But the good news is that because this isn’t uni there is no homework! So your evenings/weekends are free to be enjoyed! (Unfortunately, please see above.)

Do you have a job?

What have you learned from working full time? What were you expecting when you started? Have you found a way to get around any of my complaints? I’d love to know!

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