About The Author


katherine poole call me katie

Hello! I’m Katherine, but please call me Katie.

I like art, writing, photography, social media, yoga, craft beers, makeup, vintage fashion, learning about social/cultural norms, exclamation marks, chips (those fat English fries you get at a chippy!), exploring London and travelling around the world. I also own all sorts of cameras and love talking photography. (You can expect all of these topics – and lots of pictures! – to make an appearance in this blog.)

Currently I work as a Community Manager at TMW, which means I am chained to my email/Twitter/Facebook accounts and my thumbs are becoming permanently bent from overworking my shiny no longer shiny Samsung S3. But I love every minute of what I do.

Born and raised in New England, I now live in London, England, in an adorable flat with my lovely husband.