Ever get blocked in at a crime scene?

Of course I Tweeted about the situation.

“Stay inside and stay clear of the back windows. If you can you should leave the area,” the Boston Police Department advised CJ, Dave and me around 11.30am this morning.

Turns out there was a hostage situation in Brighton today and we were in the middle of it all. Advised to evacuate after the SWAT team blocked in my car, we realised that CJ’s house was in the middle of the lock down. And the suspect was hiding out in the building behind hers with a potential hostage situation underway.

After taking cover at Dunkin Donuts and creating a checkin point on FourSquare, we decide to talk our way into the crime scene and move my car.

In the process the police caught the suspect and we saw the police van and escort drive by before we pulled out.


This is the back end of my car, parked inside the crime scene. 


See my car? It’s the green Camry on the other side of the crosswalk inside the second set of yellow tape.

And in the process the Boston Globe RTed me on Twitter as an eye witness! Yes!

Read about it online: 

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