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Art’s on in London

Recent exhibition papers and pamphlets.

Recent exhibition papers and pamphlets.

It’s no secret that I enjoy art- I’m a practicing photographer, help run a gallery in east London and see every exhibition possible.

And so, I’ll tell you about some of my most recent art experiences here in London.

Alison and Nadia interact with Gryzmala’s piece

Monika Gryzmala at the Sumarria Lunn gallery was truly amazing. This installation artist took three types of black tape and created an installation specific to the gallery’s space. It was simply incredible.

My friends and I spent nearly 30 minutes taking this one piece in on an individual level before discussing it together. We were all equally impressed with Gryzmala’s work and I’m eager to see what she produces next.

About a month ago I won a membership to the Southbank Centre via Twitter, and after a discounted upgrade I am now able to see all the shows I want at the Hayward for free.

Having said that, I fully intend to see the Pipilotti Rist show at least two more times. Once this coming week at the members’ late night and again in a month or so before it’s taken down because I was that impressed.

Rist uses the space at the Hayward to create an atmosphere and viewing environment for her work, as well as using it as a space to display her pieces. Video projections the size of the wall, pillows on the floor, moving projections inside of custom-built doll houses, videos the size of a badge installed in the floor and so much more – she really works to make viewers interact with her pieces and challenges our art-consuming rituals.

Pipilotti Rist installation outside the Hayward

I was amazed by the communal feel of the show when I was forced to sit on the floor with everyone else to watch some of her longer pieces – but there was almost an unspoken rule to share the pillows she had put out so everyone could be comfortable. It was also common to bump into others while viewing the moving installations, so there were plenty of polite smiles and friendly exchanges – definitely not the traditional “bubble” viewing we create for ourselves where we view individually, consume the art and then possibly discuss it after. Rist has brought inter-audience interaction into the mix.

I can’t wait to go Tuesday and see this show again.

I’ve also decided that installation art is what to watch at the moment. Yes, there’s a lot of great stuff happening with contemporary art right now but the installation works are easily taking the cake.

And this past week Alekano had another exhibition – our second – Alice in Conspiracy Land. A great show with some amazing artists, it was an absolute pleasure to talk with visitors about the pieces and hear what they had to say.

At the end of the night we also found a bunch of envelopes with cards inside that had been hidden strategically around the space – little informational presents from We Did This, a crowd funding organisation that helps out artists and art venues. Obviously we are all excited to learn more about this group and potentially work with them to create more (or even better) opportunities for the artists we work with.

Next up? Round three at Alekano (The God Show), Grayson Perry at the British Museum, Gerhard Richter at Tate Modern and many smaller shows at the galleries scattered throughout this city.

Opening Alice in Conspiracy Land

But don’t worry – I’ll keep you posted on my favourites!

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