Für immer Jung: 50 Jahre Deutscher Jugendfotopreis

Micky at the photo exhibit

It’s obvious that I like art exhibitions and even more obvious that I like photography, so when I was faced with the option of napping after my flight or attending a new photographic exhibition there really was no debate.

Photography it was.

And that is how, on my first afternoon in Berlin, I found myself anxiously and enthusiastically dragging my exhausted body towards the German Historical Museum with Nadia to see Für immer Jung: 50 Jahre Deutscher Jugendfotopreis, or Forever Young: 50 Years German Youth Photo Prize for those of us who don’t speak Deutsch. (Warning: the website linked in the previous sentence explains the exhibition, but only in German!)

The exhibit is two floors jam-packed with photographs, from traditional black and white darkroom work right through digital images displayed on tablets, and hosts 50 years worth of works by German youths. And while having this much work could allow for some to be lacking, it is evident that the curators chose only the best of the best for this retrospective.

The images ranged from whimsical to serious, portraits to landscapes at home and abroad, candid street photography to staged studio work. It really included everything and was that much stronger for it.

Positive colour slides on a lightbox at the photo exhibit

In particular, I enjoyed that current works by many of the past German Youth Photo Prize winners were also displayed because it added a whole new dynamic to the exhibition by giving viewers the chance to see where these photographers started and where they have progressed to.

However, there is so much to see in this exhibit I felt a second visit – or at least a break to get lunch before finishing seeing everything – was necessary to avoid becoming overwhelmed by how much was available to be seen. Unfortunately the exhibition costs €6, and while that is not at all expensive considering the amount of photography on show, it can become expensive if you plan to break the exhibit up into multiple trips.

Regardless, I found this exhibition to be truly inspirational with a wide range of styles and subject matter that will engage every audience.

Also on and well worth it at the German Historical Museum: Das XX. Jahrhundert – Menschen-Orte-Zeiten (The XXth Century – People – Places – Time). This chronological survey is well worth seeing and presents 20 years of the German Historical Museum’s photo collection of images from the late 1800s through the end of the GDR. Free

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