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A night at the Flea Circus

Flea appreciation art.

Last week I went to the Wellcome Collection for a talk on hoarding vs. collecting but unfortunately the tickets sold out before I arrived.

However, I did get to go to the Flea Circus curated by Pestival that they were hosting…

Flea Circus at the Wellcome Collection

Pianist before the show began.

The presenters were brilliant and used as many flea-related puns as possible, working with the crowd and keeping everyone actively engaged.

Flea Circus Wellcome Collection

Silent projection of insects tackling feats of strength.

Before they revealed the fleas they warned us that they liked to jump and could only be see with “special equipment”, such as a magnifying glass. As the show went on the microscopic fleas performed a selection of feats, such as tightrope walking and breathing fire. Unfortunately one flea was killed during the performance, though, luckily, a flea-sized casket was at the ready. (Miraculously the flea came back to life before being crushed by accident as the assistant cheered.)

Flea Circus Wellcome Collection

The eager crowd at the Flea Circus.

Overall it was an hour of good, clean family-friendly fun of microscopic flea performances and flea-tastic puns.

Flea Circus Wellcome Collection

And the show begins! But I can’t see any fleas…

Were you there? Have you ever gone to a flea circus? I’d love to hear your experiences and thoughts!

4 thoughts on “A night at the Flea Circus

  1. Thank you Katherine,
    A lovely review of the evening, and so nice to hear you enjoyed the Flea Circus. The whole troupe were quite exuberant (due to the heat). We are The Flying Starts Flea Circus quartered at The House of Automata in the far north of Scotland. Back down south for another London show in February.


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