Easy-yet-bold nail polish looks

I’ve been painting my nails a lot this year so I thought I’d do a picture update with some of my favourite looks.


five colour nail gradationFive colour gradation

For this look I layered four varnishes (red, pink, orange, gold) over each other until I had the colour gradation and consistency I wanted. Unfortunately this look looked pretty crap after two days of wear, but I suspect that’s because some of the varnishes were better quality than others. For example, the pink varnish chipped off the orange and red, revealing the colour underneath.

silver glitter over grey varnishSparkles

If you couldn’t guess by now I really love glitter and all things shiny and sparkly.

I originally borrowed this silver glitter polish from a friend but have since bought a duplicate by Model’s Own. As well as a gold version and some other glitter polishes in other colours. (I justify this with how often I enjoy changing my nail colour; I like options.)

However, I also really love a nice layer of sparkles over a base colour.

mint green varnish with sparkles grey varnish with sparkles pink polish with sparkles

Crackle polishes

It can be hard enough to find the right varnish combinations with crackle, but I also find them hard to use. Paint too thick and it doesn’t crackle nicely; too thin and it just looks like you messed up your nails.

I borrowed this royal blue colour from a co-worker and painted it over a gold varnish (featured in the five colour gradation look above) and, luckily, got the ratios just right and ended up with these bowling ball look-a-likes!

gold varnish overlayed with royal blue crackleHow do you do?

How do you like to style your nails? Do you get them done or do them yourself? Tell me in the comments below!

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