London Life

I feel like a teenager again!

motion city soundtrack at xoyo

Motion City Soundtrack onstage at XOYO

Last night was the first of two Motion City Soundtrack shows at XOYO in London this week, and I was lucky enough to score two tickets. (They were one of my favourite bands when I was 15/16, so you can just imagine my levels of excitement when I bought those tickets.)

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a friend who was able to make the show, as doors were opening I found the one person searching for a single ticket.

What started out as a night heading to a gig alone to sell an extra ticket found me smiling, dancing and making a new friend.

Once we were inside Will, said new friend that took the extra ticket, was kind enough to buy me a drink, hang out with me through the show, and even offered to take a picture of me with Justin Peirre, the band’s singer. What a change of luck! But that’s not where the fun ends. Oh no.

There were no openers so the set started with the headliners, who were playing their first two albums in their entirety. Pretty awesome, right? Well, it gets better. Every single person in the sold out crowd knew nearly all of the lyrics to every song, so it was three hours of music, singing and dancing. Nonstop action and an immense amount of positive energy.

justin pierre and me

Instagrammed with Justin Pierre, image by William Frewin

At the end of the set Justin announced he’d be hanging out afterwards so Will and I decided to stay and help each other get pictures with him. Justin ended up being very friendly, seemed excited to meet another American, gave me a huge hug and posed for a picture. My 15-year-old self would be so proud of me!

And yes, my heart was racing because I was so nervous!

Hey, he was the teenage celebrity crush I finally got to meet. Let me have this one.

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