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My first festival experience

hackney weekend 2012

Hurrah for festivals! At Hackney Weekend

This summer I had my first fesitval experience!

And while I wasn’t camping in a field in the middle of nowhere, I still got to dance in London’s parks at the summer day festivals.

This summer I was lucky enough to get tickets to Field Day, Apple Cart and Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend (Sunday).

Hackney Weekend

Hackney Weekend

During the three day festivals I had a great time, checking out many bands (including Santigold, Metronomy, Billy Bragg, Stornaway, Adam Ant, The Vaccines and Beirut), dancing in fields (ok, they were really parks) and just hanging out with my friends.

My first time at a festival!

My first time at a festival!

I really wish events like this were more common in the states. And while we’ve got Warped Tour, Coachella, Bonaroo…. they’re really not the same as these festival days. The tickets are at least double in costs (even after considering exchange rates), they’re almost never accessible by public transport. The one time I went to Warped Tour I spent nearly $200 on petrol, parking and my ticket before I got inside and found out there was no vegetarian-friendly food – and that was a day festival back in 2006!

field day

Relaxing between sets at Field Day

I also really wish these festivals had decent drinks choices. Strongbow and Carlsberg? Really? What’s a girl have to do to get a Perry or a Meantime? Seriously! (But not drinking too much had it’s advantages – the toilet queues were tough-yet-tolerable at Field Day and unbearable mobs at Hackney Weekend.)

Orkisz and me at Apple Cart

Orkisz and me at Apple Cart

Next year I hope I get the opportunity to camp at a festival. That or I’m heading to Primavera Sound. Anyone interested in joining me?

Pizza Pilgrims

Pizza Pilgrims

Vegetarian pizza from Pizza Pilgrims

Most of the food available to vegetarians at all three festivals was just your typical crap vegetarian selection – burritos, chips (aka fries, my American friends!), veggie burgers, falafel, etc. It’s food that fills the gap while meeting the vegetarian dietary restrictions, but it’s not delicious and definitely not food you’d care to recommend.

However, the guys from Pizza Pilgrims had a stall at Field Day/Apple Cart, and they have some of the most delicious pizza I’ve ever tried! I’ve never been to their Berwick Market location, so it was a total treat to eat their pizzas at a festival when I was expecting another lacklustre lunch. Much thanks to them, and I absolutely recommend you all check them out ASAP! (No, they did not ask me to say that. I don’t do paid-for endorsements.)

Mudfest at Hackney Weekend

Mudfest at Hackney Weekend

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