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Coffee vs Tea

tea and coffee

Tea vs Coffee: which would you pick? 

Which one woud you pick?

Postcard Teas and Taylor St Baristas fought to the death last night to claim the honour of being titled champion, which a fierce, bloddy battle.

Ok, that’s a lie: each presented their  side well and showed an appropriate amount of camaraderie and respect. (But doesn’t the above sentence read so much better?)

Anyway, before last night’s event I was totally torn. I love my green teas, rooibos and nothing beats a good English breakfast when you’re feeling low. But I also enjoy coffee, making espressos at home at the weekends and catching up with friends over cappuccinos and lattes.

So which would be my desert island drink?

Andrew from Taylor St Baristas presented us the fine art of coffee tasting: slurp, spit, don’t swallow. (Surprisingly, none of us made any naughty jokes, but we were in respectable company, so one must mind their manners!) Turns out you also brew each bean three times to make sure there are no “off” brews, so you sample each brew three times from three separate cups by slurping a sip from a spoon before spitting it into a cup. Then repeat with up to six different beans.

He then explained the difference between each cup, and I’m ashamed to say I couldn’t recognise any of the flavours. I’m going to put this down to lack of experience and say this just means I need to drink more coffee!

Next Timothy from Postcard Teas presented some cold tea, which he brewed in mineral water. I got very excited about this, because cold teas are popular in America, with “sun tea” being a very common thing to do in the warmer months. (Recipe below!)

This was followed up with stories about tea and it’s history, as well as some matcha ice cream! (Made by sprinkling matcha on fiordilatte ice cream, from Gelatorino.) It was delicious.

It was a close call, but tea did win in the end.

Sun Tea

You’ll need:

  • A bunch of loose leaf tea or tea bags, either all the same flavour or a mix so you can make a custom mix. (The more you add/the longer you brew, the stronger it gets.
  • A large jug (like maybe 1 or 2 litres)
  • Water
  • Lid for the jug or clingfilm
  • Sunshine
  • Optional: sugar to taste

Then you:

  1. Put the tea leaves or tea bags in the jug
  2. Fill the jug with tap water
  3. Put the lid/clingfilm on the jug
  4. Place the jug outside in the sunlight (or on a window sill if it gets warm enough inside.)
  5. Let the tea brew to taste

When you’re done you can add sugar to taste. Drink within a day or two. Enjoy! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Coffee vs Tea

  1. Thanx guys for putting on this event! So interesting to draw comparison between coffee and tea. Such depth to both drinks. Fascinating. And, yes, one can appreciate both drinks – depends on the time of day, the circumstances, who you are with, what mood you are in, what you are eating …the list goes on 😉 I can only encourage everybody to scratch just that little bit deeper than (only) the surface of their chosen drink and find out more about it. Origin, process, brewing method … A big thank you to coffee specialist, Andrew from TaylorSt Baristas and tea specialist,Tim from Postcard Teas for sharing their passion and knowledge! C u both soon 🙂


    • Hey Coffee Mumbo Jumbo! Were you at the event, too? And you’re so very right – depending on the mood, the food and who you’re with the drink choices can definitely be affected! It’s really fascinating how food is so closely linked with emotions, etc.


      • yes I was – you took a pic of me slurping 🙂 remember ?! fortunately u didn’t post it but you posted the smilie photo instead! thanx for that!! out of interest how did the slurping one look ?;) have a grt day- sun’s out ! hope u r drinking coffee somewhere, sometime today!


      • Oh, why hello then! Didn’t recognise you with that picture. 😉 Yes, I thought the smiling photo was more flattering, the slurping one – while a good idea at the moment – was “blurry”. 😉 Right now I’ve got a cup of green tea, but I’ve got a feeling I’ll be reaching for an espresso this afternoon. Hope to see you at another event soon!


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