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Late at Tate

All grins from Nadia.

All grins from Nadia.

Sitting in the grass outside, DJ playing on the stage, I’ve got a drink in my hand and I’m catching up with Nadia, who’s back in London. Welcome to Late at Tate Britain, held on select Fridays.

The beers aren’t cheap (they’re about a fiver for a bottle), but the music and art are free (and awesome) which makes up for it. Friday night’s music was organised by fabric, beers on offer were by Brew Dog and Meantime, and the art inside was just as awesome as ever.

If you haven’t been to a Late at Tate yet, then definitely keep your eye out for the next one! They’re the perfect way to end the working week. And when you start drinking at 6pm you’ll either be ready for home time when the event ends at 10pm (if it went any later the art would probably be in danger of being damaged), or you’ll be headed to one of the many pubs nearby.

Drink up, and enjoy the art!

We've got music, we've got drink, we've got art! Friday sorted.

We’ve got music, we’ve got drink, we’ve got art! Friday sorted.

2 thoughts on “Late at Tate

    • They were the 330ml bottles, but they weren’t pouring the entire bottle into the cups. (We eventually asked for the bottle instead, and one of the bar tenders didn’t mind us taking them.) I know they’re usually about £4 at most bars, but the price still felt a bit steep. (Then again, we were at a Tate event so premium prices should be expected!)


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