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No, there’s no ring.



Exciting news, Jeff and I have announced we’re getting married!

And no, there’s no ring. Jeff didn’t bend down on one knee and profess his love to me or anything sappy like that.

Instead we talked about our relationship, our goals, our dreams, and decided that marriage was right for us. It sounds boring, but those conversations were  great because we learned so much more about each other and what we want out of life and love. We’re calling it a modern day proposal.

While we only announced it a couple weeks ago, we’ve known for about three months now! But we wanted to tell our mothers together in person, so the waiting began…

Tea and cakes at afternoon tea.

Tea is served…

Finally my mom (not mum!) and sister arrived in the UK and we met his mum (not mom!) for afternoon tea. Once we’d ordered Jeff and I could no longer look at each other with a straight face; we kept giggling and everyone knew something was up.

So, we told them… We’re getting married! (Wow it felt good to share that secret!)

Throughout tea we filled them in on our thoughts for the wedding, and then we called various family members to share the news.

After tea we popped over to the London Zoo for Zoo Lates, where our families got to talk some more while seeing all the super adorable sleepy animals.

Sleepy llama is jealous about my Pimms cup.

Sleepy llama is well jell ’cause I won’t share my drink.

And now that everyone knows it feels great! Though we do have an entire wedding to plan… and I wasn’t the type of child who ever played out a wedding fantasy. All I know is I want a party, and a great one at that.

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