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mr and mrs cake

I’m of the frame of mind that weddings are basically the best parties ever because you spend a whole day celebrating two people’s love for each other while surrounded by friends and family and everyone is happy. And of course there’s all the dancing!

So when our friends Steve and Lisa announced they were getting married, Jeff and I of course RSVP’d yes! and then spent the entire day pointing out things we love about the couple while appreciating all the little touches of their very special day, such as all the fabulous details of their wedding cake display. Just how sweet are all those little Mr and Mrs signs?!

grab a prop and strike a poseGrab a prop, strike a pose and party – hard! Jeff and I had briefly discussed having props at our wedding, but somewhere during all the planning we totally forgot to revisit this idea. Which is a shame, really, because it was so much fun! All through dinner people were having fun holding up their spectacles and kissy lips props while posing for photos – and I myself ended up getting a bit cheeky with my props…!

katie with a moustache and pipe

white post boxFor our wedding, Jeff and I put out a small vintage suitcase that our guests could leave gifts in if they so chose. But this white post box at Steve & Lisa’s wedding totally trumped that in terms of coolness – and we obviously asked them all about it.

If Jeff and I were to do our day all over again, I’d be giving the happy couple a call and asking them to borrow this beauty! (Also – can you imagine how much fun it will be to open the door to that and have all the cards inside? Just like a real mailbox, but all the letters are addressed to you!)place holdersPlace holders are oh so necessary when you have a seating plan, but sadly can be oh so boring. However, this clever couple found a way around that by turning chocolates into placeholders. Well, hello you tasty, tasty treat with my name – quite literally – on it! This was ace indeed.

jeff and katie standing

Lastly – there’s all the dressing up! It’s not often that Jeff puts on his suit and I get all dolled up, but when we do always seem to say to each other: Well, you look quite nice, don’t you! (This would probably also explain why almost all of the ‘nice’ photos of us together are from the weddings we’ve gone to over the past two years.) But mostly, I think it’s lots of fun to have an excuse to totally dress up.

And with that – many thanks to the bride and groom for such a fantastic day! Wishing you many years of love and happiness together. xo

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