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Closet Detox! Following Into Mind’s Cheat Sheet


I’m an aspiring minimalist. I long to own less so that my closet and home are clutter-free, but somehow no matter how much I get rid of I always find ways to replace it. And then when I try to detox my home, I have 101 excuses as to why I absolutely must keep whatever I’m looking at…

  • That book? I haven’t read it yet and I’ll get around to reading that one day!
  • One day I will have a reason for wearing a formal black dress – it’ll be the day after I get rid of it!
  • I’ve never worn that necklace, but it was a gift so I absolutely must keep it!

So when I saw Into-Mind had a Closet Detox Cheat Sheet, I printed it out, taped it to the wall, and promised myself I’d follow it and go through my closet and drawers in hopes of becoming clutter free.

closet-detox-1Everything out of the closet and ready to be tried on!

closet-detox-2Separating the A/W from S/S – normally these are mixed in my wardrobe!


Sewing kit at the ready for loose buttons or seams.


S/S clothing ready to be packed away for next year.

Interestingly enough, I followed the cheat sheet to the letter – I even had a sewing kit to hand and mended items along the way! – and managed to get rid of nothing. Nada. Instead, I realised that approximately half of my wardrobe is seasonal, so I boxed up my spring and summer items to save for next year! However, I think that having all my clothes from all seasons out all the time contributed to my but I’ve got nothing to wear! dilemmas because, honestly, a summer vest top does not offer enough coverage during winter and wooly jumpers are just too warm for summer. (Sadly, not all clothes work well for all weather.)

Regardless, I am determined to cut down on what I own so I’ve hung everything in my closet backwards. This way, as I wear items I can put them back in the wardrobe with the hangers the right way around, and at the end of the autumn/winter season I’ll have a better idea of what I’ve actually worn.

And as for my jeans and tee shirts in draws? Well, I’ve swapped which draws they are in, and when I put items back after wearing/washing they go in the ‘right’ draw so that I’ll know which pieces have been worn and which haven’t.

Wish me luck!

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