Review: My Little Energy Box

My Little Energy Box - 01

The month is nearly over, but my January My Little Box has arrived! The theme is energy – something I need after all the holiday partying and a bout of flu – and you lot know I love my yoga, so I was really excited to see what was inside…

My Little Energy Box - 02

My Little Energy Box - 03

My Little Energy Box - 04

My Little Energy Box - 05

My Little Energy Box - 06

My Little Energy Box - 07

My Little Energy Box - 08

My Little Energy Box - 09

My Little Energy Box - 10

My Little Energy Box - 11

My Little Energy Box - 12

My Little Energy Box - 13

My Little Energy Box - 14

The first thing I saw when I opened the box was the print, though I didn’t love this one because the messaging just doesn’t gel with my personal style. However, I am happy that it doesn’t say ‘New Year New You’ anywhere on there!

Next was the calendar, which I had a quick flip through before casting it aside – I can’t remember the last time I hung a calendar on the wall, and while it is cute it’s not an item that’s practical for me.

Then there was the My Little Sports Bag. It’s small and lightweight-yet-sturdy with a little pocket on the inside, and feels like a step up from the tote bags I usually use to take my kit to the gym! I’m looking forward to using this.

But the beauty products is really where this box made it for me! With the Nails Inc. nail varnish in Tate red (£11), My Little Beauty’s Energising Mist (£7.50; though sadly they still don’t ship to the UK) and Talika’s Photo-Hydra Day (£43.50 for 50ml; currently on offer via Beauty Bay!), I was pretty excited to tuck in.

I really like the colour of the nail varnish (and Nails Inc. is a brand I’ve heard lots of great things about and I’ve been meaning to buy for a while now), and with a little Googling I’ve seen some good reviews about Talika (a brand I wasn’t familiar with before) and who doesn’t need another facial moisturiser – especially in the winter?! And so far I’ve been pretty happy with the quality of the My Little Beauty products and I needed a new facial spray, so I was pleased to see this in the January box.

Till next time, xo

My Little Box runs on a subscription service and costs £11 per month plus £3.95 P&P. For more info, check out the My Little Box subscription area. 

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