Yoga at Fever London

Yoga at Fever - 1
Over a month ago now (where does the time go?!) Fever, a vintage clothing shop by Oxford Street, hosted a free yoga class right on the shop floor. It was pretty cool and I’ve been meaning to blog about, so today I’m turning that intention into an action. Here we go!

Yoga at Fever - 2

Yoga at Fever - 3

Yoga at Fever - 4

Yoga at Fever - 5

Yoga at Fever - 6

Yoga at Fever - 7

Yoga at Fever - 8

Yoga at Fever - 9

If you’re familiar with Lululemon you’ll probably be familiar with the concept of yoga classes taught in stores. It’s actually a pretty cool experience, and a total shakeup to a normal yoga studio. I like practicing in different environments, if only to experience something new, and at Fever we had the pleasure of practicing in a vintage clothing store. (Spoiler: we were able to stay after class to browse the clothes and make some purchases all while sipping herbal tea – how cool?!)

When I arrived there were mats already laid out with props and a water bottle at each one, and the fitting rooms were available for anyone who needed to change / as a place to leave our coats while we practiced.

The class was taught by SkelYoga (aka Kate), who lead us through a gentle flow with optional variations that worked for all of our levels of practice. Kate had a wonderful energy, helped with alignment in the poses and stayed afterwards to chat with us. I’d definitely love to attend one of her classes again, and am keeping an eye on her website for availability that works for my schedule.

Now, I’m not sure if Fever will be hosting another yoga class, but I loved this one and would definitely go again – even if they charged. Perhaps we could also get a special post-yoga class discount? (Hint hint, Fever! 😉 )

Do you enjoy yoga, or would you want to practice yoga at a vintage store? Let me know what you think! x

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