ROMWE fashion and shopping experience

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Not too long ago I was served a Facebook ad for Romwe, an online retailer speciailising in streetwear styles. The majority of the Facebook ads I receive aren’t right for me (why so many products for babies? I’m not a mum/mom!), but I like fashion, I like style, and the ad included a 60% off code. So, obviously, I clicked through.

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Eye Print Loose T-Shirt  | Striped Lace Loose T-Shirt | Hollow Embroidered Mesh T-Shirt | ROMWE Tassels Floral Print Loose Kimono

Romwe is one of those online retailers that I’d heard of but had never looked up. So before I entered my card details (or, in this case, opted to use Paypal to complete the purchase) I did my research… which basically meant watching a whole bunch of videos on YouTube. The key takeaways were: (1) it can take aaaages for orders to arrive, (2) sizing is inconsistent, (3) not everything looks like the pictures and (4) the returns process is terrible. Knowing that, I went into the experience with an open mind and figured that if anything didn’t fit/I changed my mind about anything I could skip the returns process and gift items to friends.

Ultimately, my experience wasn’t too far off of what I’d found in my research, but it did mean I could properly manage my expectations. Taking into account that I had the 60% off code and many of the items were discounted, I ended up paying just under £35 (including shipping) for four items. Not bad! Everything arrived in one shipment about two weeks after I ordered, was wrapped in plastic and only one item (the kimono) had a sales tag or brand label – none of them have sizing/material/washing instructions. There were no thrills or frills about the packaging (at first I didn’t know where the parcel was from because it didn’t have the company name printed on the outside), but I’ll give them credit for not over-packing like many online retailers do.

Luckily for me (and unluckily for my friends) I think I’m going to keep the lot…

Eye Print Loose T-Shirt: This shirt was available as a ‘one size’ product, so I scoured the site for information on what ‘one size’ meant (it’s in the first section of the FAQs) and then compared the measurements listed for the shirt against shirts I already owned to get an idea of fit. When it came in I thought it was much more neon that in the picture on the site, and at first it felt a bit like wearing a sack. (I know – not flattering!) But when I tried it with my All Saints high-waisted skinny jeans and also my Urban Code high waisted leather pencil skirt, the silhouette really worked.

Striped Lace Loose T-Shirt: This was another ‘one size’ product, and when it came in I was a bit surprised by how long the sleeves were, so I “ummed” and “aahhed” for a bit. But, mostly, I’m really pleased with it. I mean, what is there not to like about a striped top with a flowy fit?

Hollow Embroidered Mesh T-Shirt: Another ‘one size’ product, and after looking at the item measurements and how the shirt fell on the clothing hanger in the pictures I thought it would have a nice, loose and flowy fit. When it arrived it was much more structured than I’d anticipated, and feels a bit itchy. I wouldn’t want to wear this all day, but for a few hours (like a night out or dinner with friends) I wouldn’t mind.

ROMWE Tassels Floral Print Loose Kimono: You can’t really go wrong with a kimono style jacket, and when I received the wrong size I didn’t even mind – I love the loose & flowy look! From looking at the pictures on the website I was expecting more of a textured material (like the fine knit you find on a cotton T-Shirt), but it’s actually really smooth, like a chiffon-style material. It flows nicely, though, and looks surprisingly nice with the Eye Print T-Shirt!

All in all I’m pleased that this turned out to be a positive experience, though I’m not sure if I’d shop ROMWE again.

Have you ever bought anything from ROMWE? I’d love to hear your opinion!

4 thoughts on “ROMWE fashion and shopping experience

    • I have a feeling I’ll be shopping with them again – I keep getting compliments on the clothes from this little haul! 😊 What have been your favorite pieces from Romwe?


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