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Anniversary Weekend! Wining & dining in Soho and exploring East London

Anniversary weekend - 01

Sorry my lovelies, I thought I’d written and posted this one! But I hadn’t, so it’s going up a wee bit late. No matter, it’s never too late to celebrate… 

Anniversary weekend - 02

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While Jeff and I got married in January last year and celebrated our first wedding anniversary earlier this year, when our third anniversary of our first date came around we decided we wanted to celebrate – and make a big deal of it, too. So, we celebrated for an entire weekend!

First on the agenda was Saturday night dinner at Bob Bob Ricard. This was partly because I wanted to Instagram the ‘press for champagne’ (which I did, and it was just as much fun as I was hoping for!) but mostly because I wanted an excuse to dress elegantly.

You see, I’d bought this gorgeous Needle & Thread dress in the ASOS sales for an event that I ended up not wearing it to. By then I’d missed the returns date, and I wanted an excuse to wear it! At the same time, I also wanted an excuse to see Jeff in a suit, which he never wears and I think he looks absolutely smashing in when he does. (And ever since I’ve been saying things to him like: What do you think of just dressing up fancy and going to a local pizza place for dinner? We can pretend we’re going to an opera or ballet afterwards, but can really just go home or to the pub. It would be fun! This is London, no one would think we’re crazy! But he’s yet to take the bait…) 

Dinner at Bob Bob Ricard was nice, and I really enjoyed the art deco decor. Of course we enjoyed champagne (kind of a must at Bob Bob Ricard and for anniversaries, you know!), and we opted for a two course meal – mains and dessert! – which ended up being a three course meal – main, dessert one and dessert two – because they surprised us with a lovely ‘happy anniversary’ cake and sparkler. We ended up leaving feeling very full before heading over to Bar Americain for some more Art Deco decor and a few more cocktails before heading home…

The next morning we got up bright and early for brunch, which is probably the most delicious and enjoyable hangover cure, at Duck & Waffle. I wasn’t about to say no to another round of champagne (we were celebrating, after all!), so I enjoyed mine in what is easily the best mimosa I’ve ever had – complete with fresh-squeezed orange juice. Delicious! – and the amazing view. It was our first time at Duck & Waffle, so one of us (it ended up being me) had to order the eponymous dish. Again, once we’d finished our food we were suprised with another ‘happy anniversary’ plate, this time with marshmallows, chocolates, jellied sweets and sugared nuts.

After brunch we walked over to Shoreditch and Hoxton via Spitalfiends, checking out vintage shops, Petticoat Lane Market, and relaxing for a cup of tea and a chat to rehash the fun we’d had that weekend.

All in all it was another fun anniversary, and here’s to many more!

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