Aoút: My Little Gypset Box

August - My Little Gypset Box 1

You know what time it is – My Little Box review time! It’s been nearly a year since I signed up for this subscription, and I am genuinely surprised to say I’m still enjoying the monthly boxes. August’s theme tapped into the wanderlust… 

August - My Little Gypset Box 2

August - My Little Gypset Box 3

August - My Little Gypset Box 4

August - My Little Gypset Box 5

August - My Little Gypset Box 6

August - My Little Gypset Box 7

August - My Little Gypset Box 8

August - My Little Gypset Box 9

August - My Little Gypset Box 10

August - My Little Gypset Box 11

August - My Little Gypset Box 12

August - My Little Gypset Box 13

August - My Little Gypset Box 14

Gypset (adj.) – Someone with a passionate soul, an adventerous mind and a bohemian nature.

The main attraction in the August box is, of course, the limited edition Antik Batik x My Little Box bucket bag. It’s brightly coloured with a gorgeous print. Perfect for heading to the city or the beach, and it will complete that free spirit festival or road trip look. It’s a bit smaller than most of my bags, and I’m not sure I’d want to use it for a whole day out in London, but I like it so I’ll find a way to make it work for me!

Next up are the ‘working overtime’ hair ties designed to double as bracelets and make the practical look a bit more chic. I swapped my standard black hair band (always on my wrist; I’m ever so sensible…) for one of these this weekend, and I’m pleased to say that it not only did the job, but it looked at home next to my usual stack of bangles. I think this may be a permanent swap…

For beauty, this month we received a sample size of the Korres Santorini Vine Body Milk, a So Susan Colour Hyprid lip and cheek “cream-mousse” in Marsala and a bronzing powder by My Little Beauty.

It feels like we’ve had a few body lotions lately, which I’ll admit feels a little lacklustre but I don’t really mind because I use body lotion every day! So I’ll be packing this travel-friendly Korres one in my hand luggage when I fly to Madrid. (No, I haven’t been and gone yet! It’s still a little way off, but I’m going to bring it up every chance I can because I am that excited.)

The So Susan lip “cream-mousse” is cute – I really enjoy the packaging! – and it smells deliciously sweet and fruity. It goes on a bright bold colour, doesn’t transfer easily (not even to my coffee cup!) and after a day of wear it didn’t dry my lips out. Hello, new lippie BFF! I’m not sure I’ll try this on my cheeks, but it’s nice the option is there. So Susan is also Cruelty Free, though I’ve not been able to confirm if this product is vegan/vegetarian.

Last up, the bronzer. This is something a bit new to my beauty bag as of late; I’ve not owned a bronzer since high school. I’m not entirely sure how to use it, but I’m more than happy to watch a few tutorials, give it a go and see what happens! Do you have any tips to get me started on my bronzer adventure?

Do you subscribe to My Little Box? What did you think of the My Little Gypset Box?

My Little Box runs on a subscription service and costs £11 per month plus £3.95 P&P. For more info, check out the My Little Box subscription area. 

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