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Shop Small: handmade pants made with recycled fabric by Casa del Duende

As part of my effort to live and shop more sustainably and more ethically, I’m questioning all of my purchasing habits – what is it made of? where is it made? who makes it? – and making a concerted effort to vote with my wallet and spend where I’m going to do the planet the least amount of harm*. I haven’t always got it right, but the intention is there to buy better, and buy less often.

Whilst on this journey, I’ve discovered and purchased from a number of great small and independent businesses – though mainly underwear because of the “entry level” price tags.

*My focus so far has been on challenging my fast fashion habits and switching to more sustainable materials. Interestingly, many small and independent businesses in the UK offer just this.

PANTS: Casa del Duende

My first purchase in this more ethical shopping adventure was handmade underwear by Justine Dalton of Casa del Duende on Etsy.

Limited edition, recycled vintage kimono silk imported from Japan, hand-washable (or machine wash on the hand wash cycle), made to order right here in the UK. By buying from Justine, not only did I know exactly where my money was going, but I was able to ask her about sizing, share my exact measurements, and discuss my preferences before ordering. I also had the reassurance that my smalls were not being produced with the support of unethical working conditions.

Though the price is higher than many pairs of pants on the high street – £25.90 after shipping – this is a purchase I can afford financially and was happy to make.

Of course, not everyone can afford to spend this much on one purchase – let alone for a single underwear – and I would never judge someone for choosing not to spend their cash in this way. After all, money is a personal topic and this is my blog where I’m opting to share with you how I’ve spent mine.

Will I buy again? Yes absolutely! But not straight away – I now have plenty of underwear at the moment, so when I have a need I’ll check out which materials she has available then.

Buy better, but less, and hopefully the environment and our wallets will be better off for it.

Do you have any favourite independent brands for buying underwear? Please share in the comments so we can all browse until we find the style and price points that work for us!

Much love, Katie xo

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