Pollutants aren’t pretty

Katie wears pearl drop earrings, a plaid long sleeve dress with ruffled collar and gold tone necklace with tassels. She's walking towards the camera and her dress is swishing.

Pollutants aren’t pretty. Lately I’ve been posting a lot about fashion and it’s effects on the environment, but I also want to talk about beauty because what that industry is doing to our planet isn’t so gorgeous.

From the packaging – 120 billion units of packaging are produced every year by the global cosmetics industry, and the cardboard that envelops perfumes, serums and moisturisers contributes to the loss of 18 million acres of forest each year – to the fact that sample sachet packets not recyclable in most facilities, and that most of the beauty products I use were in coloured plastics unlikely to be recycled because of commercial viability.

I’m waking up to the problematic choices I’ve been making unwittingly, and as my skincare & makeup is running out I’m replacing it with options that better match my values.

Here’s some of what I’m trying (all with my own £, no sponsorship here!) and like enough to recommend, and I’m wearing all this in these photos, too.

Kjaer Weiss refillable lipstick and foundation in metal containers.

1) @kjaerweis lipstick in Believe & foundation in lightness. Refillable packaging, but expensive. Formulas are impressive.

RMS Beauty "un" cover-up concealer.

2)@rmsbeauty “un” cover up in 11. I used this years ago, and I’m reaching for it again.

Freck Cactus Water acid toner in a glass bottle.

3) @freck Cactus Water (Lactic Acid Toner): this was the answer to my prayers for an acid toner with plastic-free packaging.

Kjaer Weiss refillable mascara

4) @kjaerweis mascara: a very nice formula, and I bought the refill to save some ££.

Kjaer Weiss refillable pressed powder, stored in a reusable plastic snack box.

5) @kjaerweis powder: another refill purchased to test, which currently lives in a tupperware between uses. So far so happy!

Much love, Katie xo

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