What I wore: Monki Chambray Shirt Dress

callmekatie - monki chambray shirt dress first picture

In September I’m heading to Madrid, and as part of my holiday shopping (yes, I’ve already begun, but mostly because I do the majority of my shopping online and wanted to make sure everything I need arrives in time/fits/is actually what I was expecting to receive when I put in my card details…) I’ve been on the lookout for a good poolside coverup. Something that will work for walking through the hotel without being too revealing (I’m looking at you, kaftans) and that still looks a bit ‘put together’ and not too sloppy. Preferably something that can also double as a day dress, so that I can get some use out of it. You know, basically not a big ask at all.

So when I spotted this this chambray dress by Monki marked down to £12 from £30 in a recent ASOS flash sale I didn’t waste a moment hopping to it… 

callmekatie - monki chambray shirt dress 1

callmekatie - monki chambray shirt dress 2

callmekatie - monki chambray shirt dress 3

callmekatie - monki chambray shirt dress 4

Dress: Monki Chambray Shirt Dress via ASOS | Jumper: Primark, last year | Shoes: Clark’s Zena Mae, currently available on Amazon | DIY Sugar Skull necklace by Tatty Devine

When the dress arrived I was a unsure about it because it looked really big, and when I first put it on I felt like a shapeless lump – which isn’t a style I tend to embrace outside of my pyjamas. But it works with that whole ‘Scandi cool’ trend that’s big right now and I’ve been admiring from the sidelines, so I refused to give up and decided to give it another go.

First I raided the bedroom for accessories – belts, cardigans, leather jackets, scarfs, necklaces, bangles, pretty much every shoe I own – and then I hosted a mini fashion show for myself in the living room (where I put the full length mirror when I want decent lighting and space to move around!) trying on a bunch of combinations before hanging it in the closet and going to bed.

This weekend it made it’s debut when I realised I was out of clean summery clothes. (Oops! time to do the laundry…) I was also after something comfortable to wear while running around all day but that looked more put together than my ‘I just got back from yoga’ look of leggings, slip ons and a tunic hoodie because I had a breakfast date, make your own espadrilles workshop and hair cut* planned – phew! *Which is why my hair looks so fantastic in these pictures! 

Luckily I think this dress did the trick, and I even had a few compliments from strangers along the way. Hooray! Needless to say, this is definitely a new outfit favourite.

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