Review: trying out a Leonor Greyl haircare routine

I met a few members of the Leonor Greyl team at Urban Retreat‘s beauty blogger event back in April, and got to talking with them about haircare.

Now, on the one hand I’m not totally pleased with my hair, but on the other I’m definitely not as unhappy with it as I was with my skin all those months ago. I’ve even got a routine I’m quite pleased with. (More on that below!)

My hair is really fine – but there’s a lot of it – and it’s on the curly/wavy side. Sometimes it gets frizzy, but more often than not I struggle with volume, shine and structure. (It probably doesn’t help that I’m really laid back about style, with washing + product + air dry making up my current “routine”.)

Regardless, when the lovely people at Leonor Greyl offered to let me try out a few of their products, I decided to take them up on it and see how my hair would take.

The team sent me Shampooing ReviviscenceMasque à L’Orchidée and Algues et Fleurs.


First up is the Shampooing Reviviscence. It’s designed for brittle, lifeless hair, and when I’ve used it I’ve seen a significant increase in volume, which is great because I’ve been struggling with volume ever since I started growing my hair longer. However, when I let it air dry without a product it gets a bit frizzier than my normal shampoo does, but that’s easily remedied. 😉 My hair also feels super clean and lightweight after washes with this product (significantly more so than any other product I’ve ever tried), though the curls don’t dry as “structured” as they would with a product designed for curly/wavy hair.

Shampooing Reviviscence is available online from Urban Retreat for £21.77.leonor_greyl_2

This conditioner is designed to be used as either a mask (if you apply it to dry hair and wait 20 minutes before washing out) or as a daily conditioner (if you apply after shampooing and wait 10 minutes before washing out). I’ve tried it both ways, and find that it’s a bit too heavy for my hair as a mask (I found my hair was really weighed down afterwards – thought it did feel ultra soft and strong), and I struggle to wash it out after shampooing (and I tend to wash it out after only 5 minutes – but then my hair doesn’t feel as conditioned as I would have anticipated).

What I do like it for is as a treatment during hot yoga. I put it on my dry hair, leave it to sit during the hour long class while I practice (and always with a headscarf or the sweat guides the product into my eyes during inversion… not ideal), and then wash out with shampoo and conditioner after class. I find this helps protect my hair from the heat/humidity of the hot room, and keeps it looking good despite all the washes between classes. (For clarity, I’ll only do this every 3-5 classes, depending on how often I find myself in the hot studio.)

Masque à L’Orchidée is available online from Urban Retreat for £33.97.

And here’s where my hair is so far…

leonor_greyl_4Washed with the above, air dried without product and then… nothing! I’m really pleased with the volume and bounce my hair’s had today. Unfortunately it feels (although the picture doesn’t show it – score!) a bit more frizzy than I’d like, but it’s also been humid today with light rain on and off, which really doesn’t help combat frizz.

leonor_greyl_3Now, out of the three this one has easily been my go-to product, and I’m about halfway through the bottle! It’s totally earned it’s place with my daily hair care products. My favourite way to use it is after shampooing/conditioning with my staple products (all from Alterna’s Caviar Anti-Aging range), then working a squirt of the Sea Silk Oil Gel through my hair before air drying. Then on the second day after the wash, this product adds just the right amount of lift and structure. But to test out these products, I’ve benched the Alterna ones.

Algues et Fleurs is available online from Urban Retreat for £20.90.

Here’s the final look using just the Leonor Greyl products mentioned in this post…

leonor_greyl_5This is what my hair looks like when it’s been washed with the above Leonor Greyl products, air dried without any product put in, then the spray spritzed in! As you can see, there’s a bit more structure to it and my waves have a bit more definition. Sadly, you aren’t able to smell this product’s delicious scent.

Have you tried any of these products? Or do you have any haircare products for fine (but lots of it!) curly/wavy hair?

Please note: while the Leonor Greyl products mentioned in this blog post were gifts, the views expressed are my own. 

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