Travel Diary: Day 3 in Berlin

1 Kollwitzstrasse 1
For our third day in Berlin Jeff and I were determined to enjoy as much of the day as possible like locals might enjoy their Saturday: a stroll through a local market, brunch in a cafe, a wander through an art gallery, a walk in the park and then drinks at a bar away from the city centre…

2 Kollwitzstrasse Market 1

3 Kollwitzstrasse Market 2

4 Kollwitzstrasse Market 3

5 Anna Blume Cortada

6 Anna Blume Breakfast for two

7 Book Exchange near Anna Blume 1

8 Book Exchange near Anna Blume 2

9 Potsdamer Platz

10 Bauhaus Archive

11 Bauhaus Archive 2

12 tempelhofer feld berlin 1

13 tempelhofer feld berlin 2

14 tempelhofer feld berlin 3

15 Klunkerkranich 1

15 Klunkerkranich 2

16 Klunkerkranich 3

17 Klunkerkranich 4

18 Klunkerkranich 5

19 Klunkerkranich 6

20 Klunkerkranich 7

21 View of Berlin from Oberbaumbrucke Bridge

22 East Side Gallery

23 Spotted on the walk to Spatxle & Knodel

24 Spatzle & Knodel

After lounging in bed for a good portion of the morning to sleep off the drinks we enjoyed the night before, we finally got up and strolled over to brunch at a local cafe via a farmers market in Prenzlauer Berg near our hotel.

Kollwitzmarkt was really lovely, offering a nice mix of street food, craft items, fruits & veg & meat, bouquets of fresh flowers and everything in between. Cafe Anna Blume is located right on Kollwitzstrasse, just after the market, so once we’d had our fill of market exploration we were able to treat ourselves to brunch (we opted for one of their signature tiered breakfast platters to share, and while delicious there was just too much food to finish it all!) and coffee (they had cortada! so good!) on their spacious outdoor terrace. Just in our view from our table, just outside the cafe terrace, was a little book exchange built into an old tree trunk. After we’d finished eating we checked it out, but opted not to take any books because we had none with us to leave.

From there were hopped on the U-Bahn to Nollendorfplatz to check out the Bauhaus Archive Museum of Design. As a fan of interior design (I much prefer looking at it to trying to make a space look great – I’ll be honest!) this museum was totally my thing. I loved the use of space and the way it was laid out; and it didn’t hurt to see the strong links to IKEA in terms of functional design that look good – IKEA is one of my favourite stores to window shop in.

For the afternoon we opted to make the best of the weather and enjoy a walk through Tempelhofer Feld on the way to Klunkerkranich at the top of Neukölln Arcaden for some rooftop drinks.

If you didn’t know, Tempelhofer Feld is a park created from the space of a disused airport, which means you can totally walk the runway. (Spoiler alert: walking a plane runway takes a hell of a lot more time than riding down one in a plane and it took us over an hour because we kept stopping to look around.) Many people had barbecues, roller blades and bicycles and I couldn’t help but think that would be an awesome way to enjoy a sunny afternoon. And I’m not surprised; as it turns out, there were talks of turning some of this green space into apartments, but Berliners fought – and won – to keep it as a green space the public could enjoy.

At the end of the park we beelined for Neukölln Arcade, ready fora drink. If you haven’t been, Klunkerkranich is like a little oasis in the city, offering great skyline views of Berlin, delicious rum cocktails with fresh squeezed oranges and lemons and greenery all over. There’s also an old school Photoautomat, offering vintage style black & white photo strips. We only stayed for a few drinks at Klunkerkranich, but it would have been very easy to pass an entire day & evening here!

After drinks we were hungry for dinner, where we planned to go to Späetzle & Knöedel, famous for noodles & dumplings of course. On the way we passed East Side Gallery, an international memorial for freedom created in 1990 with paintings by artists from all over the world on the east side of the Berlin Wall. Sadly, much of the wall was covered in graffiti when we went, but the original sentiment was still there and that was encouraging.

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      • It’s a really beautiful city! Its a cross between Berlin and Munich. There’s so much to see, but Hafen City is too great to miss! There’s also some super cool bars etc – there is a huge WW2 bunker that’s been converted into a night club with a cafe on top over looking the city. And fun fact- Hamburg has more bridges than London, Venice and Amsterdam combined! If you get the chance you should visit xx

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