Travel Diary: Day 2 in Berlin

1 Spotted on the way to yoga in Berlin

Spotted on the way to yoga.

Day 2 in Berlin and we were up bright & early – out the door by 8am! – to explore the beautiful city in the sunshine before meeting one of my Berlin friends for dinner…

2 Molecule Man Berlin

Molecule Man

3 Architecture in Treptow near the Badeschiff Berlin

4 Near the Badeschiff Berlin

Near the Badeschiff

5 Bike near Badeschiff in Berlin

Near the Badeschiff

6 Grafitti near Badeschiff Berlin

7 Grafitti at Schlesische Strasse Berlin

Grafitti at Schlesische Strasse

8 Street photography at Schlesische Strasse Berlin

Schlesische Strasse

9 Giant cup of tea at Chipps Berlin

Breakfast at Chipps

10 Avocado breakfast at Chipps in Berlin

Breakfast at Chipps

11 Obligatory tourist shot of Berlin near Muesum Island

12 On Museum Island

13 Dinner at Leibhaftig Berlin

14 Dinner at Leibhaftig Berlin

First on the agenda was 9am yoga at the Badeschiff for me while Jeff planned to go for a dip in the barge-turned-pool floating on the Spree. Sadly, this didn’t go quite to plan. While we arrived with time to spare, the Badeschiff was actually closed for a private event so yoga was cancelled and the pool was only open that morning for members. But that was OK, as we still enjoyed the views the Badeschiff had to offer before strolling along the Spree and back towards Mitte via Neukölln.

In Mitte we enjoyed breakfast at Chipps because we’d seen excellent reviews online. I’m happy to say we were not let down! Giant cups of tea, delicious avocado toast with rocket for me, the option to linger once we’d finished eating and within easy walking distance of Museuminsel and I really couldn’t think of anything to complain about. If you find yourself in Berlin and after a good breakfast, I’d suggest swinging by Chipps!

For the afternoon we headed over to the Pergamonmuseum, where we bought full price tickets and then were told that the majority of the museum was closed for renovations. Once inside we realised that many of the vases and other delicate items normally on display in the cupboards had been removed to prevent damage from the ‘vibrations’ caused by the renovations. In the end we walked through the entire museum twice, which was fine because we were still able to enjoy the fantastic tiling of Ishtar Gate and Processional Way from Babylon – which is my new favourite archaeological piece, by the way.

Afterwards we headed home for a nap and to get ready to meet my friend Micky for dinner at Leibhaftig in Prenzaleur Berg. It’s a small restaurant on a side street away from the main road, and they do – ready for this? – Bavarian tapas. It sounds like it could be a strange combination, but in reality it’s just a load of traditional Bavarian foods served in small dishes for sharing. Which is, coincidentally, perfect for tourists who enjoy trying new foods and are happy to share with friends! They also brew their own beers, which was a total bonus for us to try. Again: if you find yourself in Berlin and hungry for dinner, I suggest popping over to Leibhaftig.

Thanks for joining me for day two, keep your eyes peeled for day three… 

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