DIY: Personalised Scrabble Board Wall Art

Personalised Scrabble Wall Art Planning
Way back when we were getting ready for the wedding, Jeff and I had discussed making a personlised wedding centrepiece using a Scrabble game set. We started some of the preliminary works on it – including how it would look and detailing what we’d need to make it – but with only 4 full months to plan our wedding and a very limited budget, that didn’t quite pan out. However, nearly a year on from the original idea and we’ve finally had the time to follow through.

If you want to make one, too, it’s really easy – and shouldn’t cost more than about £50 and 1 hour of time! 

You’ll need…

  • Scrabble board set (approx £14 incl. shipping from eBay)
  • Glue gun (£3 from Tiger)
  • Craft knife and blades (approx. £3 from Tesco)
  • Pencil or pen (n/a – there’s always one floating about the flat!)
  • Ruler (approx £3-5 from a hardware store)
  • Window box frame (ours was approx. £25 from Selfridges)

Step 1: Lay out the words

Personalised Scrabble Board Wall Art Planning

This is the most difficult step, but once you decide which words you want to use (I’d created a word bank with about 20 possible words and phrases as a “go to”) and how they will connect you’re good to go.

We didn’t do the planning with the Scrabble board and frame, so we ended up having to do some last-minute reworking! (As you’ll notice with the change in how to words are laid out in the pictures above and below.)

Note: This step can be combined with step 2 if you already have your Scrabble board and frame size – which I do recommend because it will make your life a bit easier!

Step 2: Prep the board

DIY Personalised Scrabble Wall Art 1If you didn’t do this as part of step 1 by using the Scrabble game set to figure out the lay out, then you’ll have to do this now to make sure your words fit inside your frame. (Especially if the frame is smaller than the full size of the scrabble board.)

We bought a frame with a pre-cut mat board (which we didn’t use in the end so we could show more of the board) and used it as a guide.

Step 3: Prep the board

DIY Personalised Scrabble Wall Art 2
Now that you know your letters fit, it’s time to cut the board. Using a pencil or pen, write the letters down on the squares where they will go so you don’t forget what you want to put where, and then mark where you will cut the board (if necessary) so that it fits your frame. We used the outside edges of the mat frame as guides, but you can always use the frame glass if your frame doesn’t come with a mat frame.

Step 4: Cut the board (if necessary)

DIY Personalised Scrabble Wall Art 7

Place the ruler against your marks, and cut using a craft knife. You’ll need to make about 5 cuts on each side before folding along this incision to get the board edges to break away.

Step 5: Glue the letters

DIY Personalised Scrabble Wall Art 8
Now it’s time to glue the letters down! I put the glue along the raised edges, and held firmly against the board for 3 seconds to make sure each piece stayed in place.

Step 6: Frame

DIY Personalised Scrabble Wall Art 9
We let the board lay flat for a few hours, and then popped it into the frame.

Step 7: Hang it up

DIY Personalised Scrabble Board on the WallSuccess! And it looks quite lovely if I do say so myself.

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