Review – L’Occitane Shea Butter Sampler Kit

L'Occitane_1During the summer I became self-conscious about the thick skin developing on my heels, and after a pedicure I was hoping the issue would be sorted. Sadly, the techniques used only seemed to exacerbate the problem, and the skin grew back even thicker than before. So I decided to play the long game – hot soaks, regular gentle exfoliation and nightly foot creams.

And with that, came the hunt for a foot cream. I’d heard excellent things about the one from L’Occitane, and have even given it as a stocking stuffer to friends and family members. When I went to buy it I realised that, for approximately the same cost as the foot cream, I could get the mini travel kit (£19.99 at a local shop) with several products to sample. You can see where this is going… 


L'Occitane_3 L'Occitane_4

Such a picturesque collection, and I won’t deny that I’m keen on the branding and packaging!

Shea Butter Foot Cream – This is the whole reason I purchased the kit, and I polished off this sample within one week. And boy, are my feet are happier for it! Each night, I slathered it onto my heels before putting on a pair of socks for bedtime. By the morning after the first night I could already see the difference to my heels, and about six weeks since I started using this my heels are nearly back to feeling soft with the amount of hard skin that’d built up being significantly less. (£19 for 150ml from L’Occitane)

Ultra Rich Shower Cream – Kinda gross, but I struggle with acne on my back so I’m always on the hunt for body washes that will help clear it up. Sadly, this didn’t make my acne any better – but it also didn’t make it worse. Combining that with how soft my skin felt, I’d be very happy to have this in my shower again! (£14 for 250ml from L’Occitane)

Ultra Rich Body Cream – I used this on my knees and elbows to help with dryness, and just as with the foot cream I could really see a difference. However, I’m not much of a body lotion person, so I ended up using most this pot on my feet once I’d used up the foot cream. (£32 for 200ml from L’Occitane)

Shea Butter Lip Balm – Now this is a beauty! It goes on smoothly and gives my lips a pretty light pink tint with a bit of a shine. And while it’s totally wearable during the day, I really prefer to wear it to bed at night so I can wake up with wonderfully soft lips. (£8.50 for 15ml from L’Occitane)

Milk Shea Butter Extra Gentle Soap – This is the only product that I’ve not got around to trying, and simply because we already have two bars of soap in the bathroom and just the one soap dish. But if the rest of the products in the sampler are anything to go by, I’m sure this one will meet expectations. (£4.50 for 100g from L’Occitane)

Shea Butter Hand Cream – I’ve tried many hand creams, but this is one I’d happily buy in full size. However, I’ll be saving that for the winter when my hands always get chapped from the brisk winds and dropping temperatures, because dry hands isn’t really an issue for me during the warmer months. (£19 for 150ml from L’Occitane)

I couldn’t find this particular sampler kit on the L’Occitane site, but I did you find you guys this sampler for £28 which contains most of the products mentioned in this post.

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