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28 Days Later… belated Christmas edition

Christmas was ages ago now, but this little lady has been busy so I’m only just finding time to write about it.2013-12-25 11.07.00

This was Jeff and my first Christmas Day just us (we celebrated belated Christmas with his family another day) and we didn’t want to just sit at home, so we put on our Christmas jumpers and went on a crazy 10 mile walk.

2013-12-25 14.08.11 999910_10201161716185074_1635491233_nCamden Town to Mornington Crescent to Euston, over to Warren Street then Great Portland Street, to Oxford Circus and Tottenham Court Road; Holborn then Chancery Lane then Farringdon then Angel, up through Highbury and Islington and up to Holloway Road. Phew!

2013-12-25 13.05.11

All of the tubes were shut and there were no bus services, so we were hoping that London would be totally empty 28 Days Later style. However, this was not the case. Instead, London was filled with cars travelling to family holiday gatherings and tourists wandering the streets with cameras. (After all, the sun was shining!)

2013-12-25 13.17.562013-12-25 13.22.58

2013-12-25 13.23.20

But it wasn’t all walking and walking and walking – when we reached Great Portland Street we took a break at the pub! And it had the cutest Christmas decorations.2013-12-25 13.55.57-1 2013-12-25 13.52.09

Oxford Street was surprisingly busy, and even the Costa Coffee was open! But the place was packed out, and we realised it was all tourists in London for Christmas. They were hitting the streets with their cameras, walking around and enjoying the good weather and minimal crowds. Pretty clever! 2013-12-25 14.51.40

Somewhere near Holborn… 2013-12-25 15.24.26

While Oxford Street was too busy to do yoga in the street, Hatton Gardens wasn’t! Check out the results… 1525720_10201161717305102_1465328506_n

And then when we got home…2013-12-25 18.59.54…we had a drink! (I had drinks duty, I think I did well.) And then another drink before tucking into a homemade Christmas roast (Jeff cooked, of course!).

How did you spend the holidays this year?

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