In search of perfect skin: moisturisers


This blog post is part of a series of my personal skin care journey. If you’ve got oily, temperamental, breakout prone skin you may want to read on – and let me know your best skin care tips in the comments! x

What feels like ages ago now I listed my current skincare routine, and if you remember I left moisturisers out. Well, since then I’ve tried a few and have found two that I quite like this summer – one which I invested in, the other which I received as a gift. 


First up is Elemental Herbology’s moisture milk (£42 for 50ml from the Elemental Herbology website), which was recommended to me by Caroline Hirons. It took me a while to try this one simple because I had to budget wanting to try so many new products in the routine she suggested, but I’m really pleased to have made it here!

This one comes out milky (I know, I know!) and a bit liquidy (you can see in the picture below how it has started to spread out over the back of my hand), but it spreads easily and turns clear as I move it around. It’s got a delicate tangy-yet-sweet scent and has a gentle tingle as I spread it out. It’s super lightweight, I forget I’m wearing it, and my makeup stays in place nicely. Also – my skin doesn’t look greasy/oily by the end of the day. Ace.

The other moisturiser I’ve been happy with is The Moisturiser by Urban Retreat (£35 for 50ml from the Urban Retreat website), which was gifted to me from the fab folk over at Urban Retreat.

This one has a nice light scent that I just can’t place. It comes out thicker and creamier than Elemental Herbology’s Moisture Milk, and spreads out clear as well. This one doesn’t have any sort of tingle to it and it doesn’t leave a sticky residue, though it is slightly (but really – only very slightly) heavier than the Moisture Milk, and my makeup also doesn’t budge with this one. Again, my skin doesn’t look oily/greasy by the end of the day when I use this product, so that’s a major plus for me.

ABM_1405886686Here’s how the two come out of the bottle, so you can really see the difference in texture/consistency between the two.

So far I’ve been alternating between the moisturisures depending on what my skin feels like it needs that day. For a bit more coverage I’ve been reaching for The Moisturiser, and on the more humid days we’ve been having this summer I’ve been all about the Moisture Milk.

I like having both in my beauty arsenal, and I’m excited to continue exploring the world of moisturisers. So, are there any moisturisers you really like? Are there any you would recommend? Please share in the comments!

Please note: while some of the products mentioned in this blog post were gifts, the views expressed are my own. 

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