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Last week on Instagram… hanging out in London

the interestings with coffeeSometimes we all just need a little rest and relaxation, and last week was one of those weeks for me, filled with books, coffee, tea, friends and London hangouts…

Sunday started out all lazy-like with coffee and The Interestings, which was last month’s London Book Club book. (Yes – I am in a book club! Because of that fab group I read books more often now that I did a year ago.) The LBC gang really loved it, and The Interestings was our longest book discussion to date!

However, I’m personally struggling with this one. Not because it’s not interesting or well-written (it’s both of those things!), but because the story starts out just after one of the main character’s father has died while she was aged 14, and my father’s death was something I faced aged 15. This isn’t the whole storyline, but her father’s death does open the door for her to meet the friends that make up the rest of the book’s main characters. Reading about this character processing her own emotions in relation to her father’s death has triggered in me a lot of emotions and brought back a lot of negative feelings and memories, so I keep having to put the book down and take breaks from it.

Regardless, I’m determined to get through this book – I’ll keep you posted on my progress.
ruby violet tufnell parkAfter a lazy Sunday morning reading and drinking coffee, Jeff and I went out to lunch with his mum at Kenwood House before taking advantage of the sunny day with a stroll through Hampstead Heath. For dessert we wandered over to Tufnell Park and enjoyed ice cream and sorbet from Ruby Violet. I went for a cone with a scoop of Blackcurrent Sorbet topped with a scoop of Raspberry, Rosewater and Prosecco Sorbet. Delicious! (Also, disclaimer: in my day job I work on ice cream brands, but this isn’t one of them.)

japanese sweets from japan centre in picadilly circusThen on Wednesday I had a real hankering for Japanese food, and ended up at Japan Centre in Piccadilly Circus where I bought these beautifully packaged Japanese sweets and chocolates. (I’m a real sucker for anything with pretty packaging!)
from superlativelyLJ on twitterContinuing my craving for Asian treats, on Thursday evening I met up with the fabulous Laura (she blogs over at Superlatively Rude – if you’re not familiar with her blog, I highly recommend it – she’s a fantastic writer!) for a catchup over a London-take on traditional Taiwanese bubble tea at Yao Yao Cha in Covent Garden. It was Laura’s first bubble tea experience, and I think it’s safe to say she’s a fan!
yaoyao cha bubble tea embankment bridge by southbank in london at sunsetAfter bubble tea, Laura had to head out and I went for a walk over to the South Bank to see my colleague Christina DJ at Topolski. As luck would have it, it was the Golden Hour and Hungerford Bridge looked absolutely magical bathed in yellow with the stormy clouds above.
earl grey gin and tonic at topolski barWhen I got to Topolski, I realised I’d walked by it hundreds of times in the past four years walking between the Southbank Centre and Waterloo Station but never really noticed it. It’s tucked away in the bridge arches, and from inside the bar you can actually hear the trains rumbling overhead. I settled in at the bar with a large Earl Grey G&T for Christina’s set – not a bad way to end a day if I do say so myself.
eye mask at islington comunity yogaThen bring on Saturday with two – that’s right, TWO – yoga classes for this little lady! First up was Adam’s community yoga class in Islington, where he treated us to eye masks during savasana. Lush. You can read more about Adam’s £5 community class over on my yoga blog, Bending and Booze.
bagel iced coffee the interestingsPost class I took my book (yup, still working on it!) and settled in at a local bakery with a bagel and iced coffee until it was time to head over to Clapham Common for the second yoga class of the day – a flashmob lead by the team at Yogahaven to celebrate becoming a carbon neutral hot yoga studio. There were about 200 of us yogis practicing together, and it was a truly incredible experience. But more on that on my yoga blog later. 😉
yogahaven flashmob 1What did you get up to last week? Did you relax and hang out like I did, or did you get up to something more adventurous? Let me know in the comments! xo


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