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Review – Mallow and Marsh

mallow and marsh - coconut peppermint and dark chocolate vanilla rasperry detailsLike many other people, I first heard of Mallow and Marsh from last week’s Dragon Den when founder Harriot Pleydell-Bouverie turned down the Dragons’ offers of financial investment for more of her business than she was willing to share. The Dragons looked surprised, Pleydell-Bouverie didn’t look shaken, and I wanted to know what was so great about these marshmallows.

And so, I turned to Google to track down Mallow and Marsh…

mallow and marsh multipack

I managed to find Mallow and Marsh quickly, but thousands of other people watching Dragons Den must have had the same idea because the website was down by the time I clicked their listing in the Google search results. However, they are on Twitter and luckily for me they’re talkative 24/7, so when I fired off a quick tweet, I got a quick reply about where to buy their products – through a Kickstarter campaign (ending today!), at my local Sainsbury’s, or via the website when it was back up. I opted for the website with their Dragons Den special, which came with all the flavours. I was not disappointed.

mallow and marsh note inside boxAs you can imagine, I was not the only person in the UK who wanted to order Mallow and Marsh products after the show. And with the significant increase in demand I was not surprised when I received an email saying my order would be delayed. However, the parcel still managed to make it through my post box within 7 working days of ordering – which totally exceeded my expectations!

mallow and marsh all the flavours

When I realised what the parcel was, I immediately ripped it open with full intentions of digging in right away, but then I reconsidered and thought it might be better to get into my flat first – and maybe eat dinner.
mallow and marsh - 12 piece gift box 1

Once dinner was out of the way, Jeff helped me polish off the Peppermint & Dark Chocolate and Raspberry marshmallows in the 12-piece gift pack. (Looking back on this decision, we probably should have saved this to give to someone as a pressie – oops!)

mallow and marsh - 12 piece gift box

We especially loved the experimental tips* on the inside of the box, and think we may have to make the ultimate Smores the next time we tuck in! (*Except for the sweet potato tip – my mom already makes that every year for Thanksgiving and I can’t bring myself to eat it at any other time of the year.)

mallow and marsh vanilla

Vanilla – Deliciously dense and chewy, this is the ‘standard’ flavour of marshmallow out of all of these – but a high quality ‘standard’.

mallow and marsh roasted coconut

Roasted Coconut – I’m a fan of all things coconut (as an oil to cook, water to drink – and even as a facial cleanser!) and this is no exception. The shaved bits of roasted coconut on the top was the icing on the cake for me. Pure love.

mallow and marsh raspberry

Raspberry – Packing a full flavour punch, the raspberry flavour is absolutely scrumptious! It’s much tangier than I’d anticipated, and not at all super sugary sweet – which is a total bonus in my book. (This is probably my favourite – but please don’t tell Coconut I told you so!)

mallow and marsh peppermint and dark chocolate

Peppermint & Dark Chocolate – I was expecting the peppermint to be sweet and sugary, but was delighted when I realised just how sharp the peppermint tasted – and the dark chocolate was a lovely touch. My breath actually felt fresh afterwards, and I can see this as a wonderful ‘after dinner treat’ in restaurants.

mallow and march cappuccino

Cappuccino – Surprisingly, this one actually tastes like a cappuccino with a few sugars in. I put a couple of these aside in an air-locked bag so that I can try it again later… with a cappuccino. That sounds like a delicious pairing made in coffee heaven!

mallow and marsh delivery

You can shop Mallow and Marsh products via their site and select stockists. I ordered the Dragon’s Den special for £18, which is now listed as the Taster Selection for £20. Boxes of 3 are available for £3, and the gift pack includes 12 pieces for £10. 

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