Review: Spiezia Made for Life Facial Cleanser

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Spiezia Organics is an award winning skin care brand, and I met some of the team behind the Cornish company (their products are actually manufactured near Truro) at the Professional Beauty Show with my mate Mitra a few weeks ago. I hadn’t heard of Spiezia before, but she’d actually visited their team in Cornwall several years ago. We got to chatting, and they offered me a Made for Life Facial Cleanser* to try out and review. I’ve been using it for a couple weeks now, and here’s what I think of it.

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The Organic Facial Cleanser* is a balm cleanser, so to try it out I swapped it into my routine in place of my usual nighttime pre-cleanser, the RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream cleanser. (If you haven’t seen it already, here’s my winter skincare routine.) It comes out of the jar with waxy-yet-liquidy consistency (see the swatch on my hand above for reference) and easily glides across my skin. It also wipes away my waterproof eyeliner and mascara without leaving a residue, which makes me a happy bunny!

As recommended by the Spiezia team, I’ve been leaving it on my skin for 1-2 minutes before washing off with a warm, damp flannel. Now, I’m not sure if this really makes a difference to the cleansing process, but letting it sit on my face feels nourishing, calming and relaxing – not to mention it smells great! If only for those reasons I’ll continue to let it sit before washing away.

Less is more with this one, and it doesn’t take much to do the trick. I use about a pea sized amount nightly, and at this rate the 50ml pot should last me at least two months – not bad!

This cleanser costs £26.96 for 50ml from the Spiezia website and the same price from Feel Unique. There’s also a 100ml option on Feel Unique for £37.95.

Please note: while the products marked with a star (*) in this blog post were gifts, the views expressed are my own.

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