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Recipe: refreshing mango, kiwi and mint smoothie for spring!

a mango, kiwi and mint smoothie

A healthy breakfast of crunchy almond and coconut spread on toast, a mango, kiwi and mint smoothie, and daydreaming about Paris…

Spring is here, and as the days get longer I’m craving more fruits and veggies! One of my favourite ways to pack these in is to make them into tasty smoothies (you can read more of my recipes here!), which are super easy to make, good for you (according to the NHS a 150ml smoothie can count as more than one of your 5-a-day if it contains at least 80g of two types of fruit and/or veg and all the the edible pulped fruit or vegetable) and also a great way to use up the leftover fruit/veg you’ve got in the kitchen.

Here’s one of my favourite recipes for a refreshing mango, kiwi and mint smoothie: 

Mango Kiwi Mint Smoothie - 02

Mango Kiwi Mint Smoothie - 03

Mango Kiwi Mint Smoothie - 04\

Mango Kiwi Mint Smoothie - 05

Mango Kiwi Mint Smoothie - 01

Mango Kiwi Mint Smoothie - 06

Mango Kiwi Mint Smoothie - 07

Mango Kiwi Mint Smoothie - 08

This smoothie is super simple to make, and it’s great as a snack, with meals, and even alongside toast for breakfast! All you need is:

  • 1x mango
  • 1x kiwi
  • handful of fresh mint
  • fresh water – approx 100ml, but you can add more/less depending on the consistency you prefer!

Then just cut everything up, pop into the blender, and whizz! One delicious smoothie just for you.

Do you like making smoothies? What are your favourite kinds?

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