Getting in the Halloween spirit, non-costume look 1

Call Me Katie - 2 non-costume Halloween looks - 03

Halloween has always been my favourite time of year. When I was a kid I loved the Trick-or-Treating, the haunted houses, ghost stories and the opportunities to find ways to spook friends and family. I also loved dressing up then just as much as I do now!

But being an adult at Halloween isn’t always as great. For starters, I can’t exactly where my costume to work like I could as a kid! So, to get in the spirit I challenged myself to put together two Halloween works that weren’t costumes, something that would be acceptable to wear out and about.

Call Me Katie - 2 non-costume Halloween looks - 01

Dress: Topshop

When I started to plan this outfit, I knew I wanted a statement piece to really pack a punch. I decided to go for this skeleton print bodycon mini dress from Topshop. I’ve seen a few dresses like these from various retailers over the past couple of years, and if you’re after a dress that you’ll wear year after year this could be a style to go for.

Call Me Katie - 2 non-costume Halloween looks - 06


While I wanted a bit of height, I also didn’t want to wear a traditional high heel because I wanted to dress this outfit down a bit. For that reason I decided to put on my flatform sandals.

Call Me Katie - 2 non-costume Halloween looks - 04

Tights: Primark

I picked these tights up on a whim at Primark, and I love how they work with the dress and the straps on the shows. While I could have gone for a spooky cobweb print tight or even leggings with bones printed on to match the dress (both would have looked great with this look!), I wanted to let the dress do the talking.

These tights can also be paired with a more ‘everyday’ look to bring a bit of fun, so I know I’ll definitely get some more use out of them!

Call Me Katie - 2 non-costume Halloween looks - 08

Bag: Skinnydip London

For the bag I wanted something that could bring a dash of colour to this monochromatic look. While I considered going for something colourful from this year’s faux fur trend (like this bag by ASOS), I loved how this bag by Skinnydip London had a Rocky Horror feel to it. It’s also a nice twist on the trendy Lulu Guinness lip clutches.

Call Me Katie - 2 non-costume Halloween looks - 65

Hair clips: H&M (sold out online), other spooky options via ASOS

I’ve got a penchant for skeletons (if you couldn’t tell from the dress!), and while I was at H&M looking for Halloween accessories I spotted these hair clips and knew they’d be perfect for this look.

Call Me Katie - 2 non-costume Halloween looks - 05

This look would be great for the weekend, heading out to run errands or go for lunch before it’s time to go home and put on a full costume for a party. Alternatively, it’d be a fun look to wear to the pub if you don’t fancy wearing a full costume.

If, like me, you work in an office with a relaxed dress code(I work for a creative digital agency, which means I get quite a bit more leeway!) this could also be a fun outfit to wear to work. I’d wear this outfit on the Friday before Halloween to get in the spirit before heading to the pub with colleagues at 6pm.

Would you wear this outfit? What are your non-costume Halloween look ideas for this year? x

Stay tuned tomorrow, where I’ll be sharing a second non-costume Halloween look! 

3 thoughts on “Getting in the Halloween spirit, non-costume look 1

    • Aww, thank you lovely! I’m ashamed to say the hair clips have been sitting on my dresser since I photographed this post, but I’ll be rocking them every day next week. 🎃👻


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