London Life

Making wishes at Liberty London’s Wish Wall

Earlier this week my manager, Mokuska, sent me a text: a screen grab from the Liberty London Instagram account featuring their Liberty London Wish Wall.

The concept is that, up on floor 2 of their London shop, there’s a Wish Wall where one can wish for anything tangible that money can buy, and the sky is the limit. In exchange they encourage a donation to Text Santa. We work in Central London, so we booked in a break to walk over together to the wall to make our own wishes.

Time to make a wish! Next to the wall is a basket filled with tags and strips of Liberty printed cloth. Write your wish on the paper, tie it to the wall, take a picture and share it to social media to be in with a chance of it being granted.

On every tag there are two pieces of Liberty printed fabric: one to tie your wish to the wall and one to tie to your wrist to remind you of your wish, so I chose to take this pretty purple print home with me. Last night I tweeted that I’d wished for a holiday to Japan for Jeff and me, and Mokuska wished for a family trip to Disney World.

Before we left the store we each sent a text to donate to Text Santa, Liberty’s charity partner of choice for this activity.

And there you have it! The Liberty Wish Wall. What will you be wishing for?

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