On switching to sustainable style

Katie wears a red and gold patterned blouse with high waisted denim cuffed above the her Dr Martens boots. Her hair is down and wavy. She's standing in front of a stone wall with minimal details.

When I first started on my slow fashion journey I had my priorities all mixed up. I had a closet full of unsustainable clothes, all perfectly good to wear, and was determined to donate all of them and replace with brand new sustainable options. Which, actually, isn’t sustainable at all.

Thankfully, that was too expensive an approach for my wages so I had to re-think. And in doing so I learned that wearing what I’ve already got is always the most sustainable option, that our clothing donation facilities are overwhelmed, and what I had in my closet already started to delight me. 
Have you started a slow fashion journey for yourself? Why has been your biggest learning curve?

Top: 1960s/70s vintage (gifted from mom) 
Jeans: 1989s/90s dead stock Levis via eBay 
Shoes: purchased new 2010 
Belt: lifted from mom’s closet more than 10 years ago. 
Bag: gift from mom 2016

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