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Sustainability isn’t one size fits all

Sustainability isn’t one size fits all.

We all live different lives, in different places, with different levels of access, different finances, different needs and different responsibilities. What works and is realistic for one person could be totally unrealistic for another.

I talk a lot about quitting fast fashion and reducing how often I shop, but that’s because I shopped & returned fast fashion so frequently the local Click & Collect stopped asking for my name or ID.

I don’t talk about going vegan or dietary choices, because I’ve been finding conversations about limiting food options stressful.

I talk about reducing air travel because I used to fly so often I have a passport with extra pages that is just about filled.

I don’t talk about quitting driving, because I live in a major city with great public transport and I’ve not owned a car for years.

Whatever it is, know that it’d be better if everyone lived more sustainability but imperfectly, rather than a handful of us doing it perfectly.
What’s your sustainability focus?

Image description: Katie wears a blue, purple and pink floral dress layered over a navy roll neck and knee high brown boots. She’s standing on a London street corner.

Dress: Sandro via charity shop 2019
Roll neck: Uniqlo Japan 2017
Boots: Dune 2008
Earrings: Dinny Hall overstock sale 2019

Much love, Katie xo

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