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30 November 2011: Portrait Salon 11 at Roxy

Portrait Salon newspaper £2

Portrait Salon newspaper £2

Tucked in the back of Roxy Bar and Screen, the first ever Portrait Salon projected images rejected from the Taylor Wessing  Portrait Prize.

Lounging on brown and wine coloured sofas and seated around wooden tables we watched the photographs flick by in a slideshow accompanied by a selected soundtrack; a totally modern way to enjoy an exhibit and consume art.

Much different from the traditional art-on-the-wall viewing method we’ve come to expect.

Ironically, the Portrait Salon has struck the perfect balance for taking in hoards of images in one go without arting out the viewer. (Ironic because the images were submitted to be shown in a prestigious gallery in the traditional way, not in a cool, alternative hot spot shown in a digital format.)

The casual setting, drinks, music and comfy seating prompting us to kick back and relax, the experience could wash over us in a way that is strangely reminiscent watching the telly at home; informative and comfortable. No milling about, no bumping into other viewers when you’re too distracted by wonderful art to notice the people around you, no captions that you need to get close to read and only what you want: beautiful images so large they can consume you. Absolutely perfect for taking in hoards of images in one go.

Overall the Portrait Salon was relaxing, enjoyable and filled with stunning images.

I genuinely hope we see more from this group!

Looking in to the Portrait Salon

Looking in to the Portrait Salon

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