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Thoughts on Grayson Perry at the British Musuem

Grayson Perry AM1

Alan Measles on the AM1

Grayson Perry’s “The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman” is an absolute treat and I highly suggest you get to the British Museum to see the exhibition before it closes on Sunday, 26 February.

This show is very inspiring and sentimental; just like flipping through a diary and learning all the secrets. Here the pages are Perry’s works showcased alongside pieces from the British Museum archives and the captions that go along with them. He has given us permission to read about his adventures and life insights.

We are made privy to the ins and outs of Perry’s adventure through Germany with Alan Measles, his teddy bear, on his very own Pope Mobile – the AM1. 

Grayson Perry AM1Perry’s sense of humour comes through as he tells us his teddy bear was named after his best friend (Alan) and he had measles. He tells us that Alan Measles would hang out with Bes, the Egyptian deity who protected households, and even compares portable shrines from the 1700-1900s with today’s smartphone photo albums.

He has curated the show down to the tiniest of details, forcing visitors to realise how relevant Perry’s observations are to each of our daily lives.

I found this quote particularly intriguing, partially because of all the traveling I’ve done, but also because I’ve got so many scrapbooks and shoeboxes filled with the keepsakes I’ve collected along the way:

“We all make journeys to see places or people that are significant to us. It is natural to want a keepsake of the trip to remind ourselves and show others. Pilgrims usually travel  light do the souvenir may only be a badge, a photo or a signature.”

Have you seen the exhibition? What are your thoughts on it?

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