Coloured hair without the commitment

Colour.Bug in pink

Colour.Bug in pink

Tonight I bought Colour.Bug in pink by Kevin Murphy for £13; five minutes later and I’ve got pink hair!

Recommended by my friend Dami, this washout alternative works like eyeshadow for the hair. All you’ve got I do is dust it on, shake it out and wear. Then it washes out with your next wash. Brilliant!

Colour.Bug in pink turns dark hair purple.

End results after fifteen minutes with Colour.Bug in pink.

I’m really excited about this bleach-free dye because, as the label says, I can “change my hair colour as often as my makeup”. It also means my hair will be healthier without the chemical process of stripping the colour my dark locks in preparation for vibrant dyes.

And while my office doesn’t care about my hair colour, most of the jobs I’ve had were über fussy about “not having unnatural colours”. Problem solved.

However, it’s not as intense as I’d like (colour intensity depends on natural hair colour; ie: darker colour = less intensity) but it’s still great to have the option of pinkish-purple hair tucked in my handbag.

Now, time to start my weekend right!

Katie Poole colour.bug Kevin MurphyUsage notes

The colour gets all over your hands so leave time to wash them. The colour intensity should last longer with hair spray though the intensity (regardless of hairspray usage) will fade as the day goes on. (Just as your makeup doesn’t look as fresh after a few hours of wear.)

I also found that the colour rubs off on clothes/skin, so be mindful of how often you’re touching your hair (I had pink hands!) and what you wear when sporting this look. (Otherwise you’ll end up like me and have a pink collar!)

Colour.Bug also comes in orange and purple.

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