Review: Ginvera Green Tea Exfoliating Marvel Gel and BB Cream

This blog post is part of a series of my personal skin care journey. If you’ve got oily, temperamental, breakout prone skin (including hormonal acne) you may want to read on – and let me know your best skin care tips in the comments! x

ginvera green tea exfoliating and bb cream 1For as long as I can remember, exfoliation has always been something I’ve approached with extreme caution. And for good reason, too: exfoliators that work just fine and dandy for the majority of people tend to turn my skin red, cause peeling and – sometimes if I’m really unlucky – tiny hard, white lumps form on the surface my skin. And that’s only after one or two uses, and never two days in a row! I by no means blame those products, but rather my oh-so-temperamental skin.

However, the team at Janiro recently got in touch with me about Singapore beauty brand Ginvera and their Ginvera Green Tea Exfoliating Marvel Gel. When I saw that it didn’t contain any small bits to exfoliate, but rather seemed to rely on friction/pressure from my finger tips, they had my full attention!

And so, they sent over a package… and a couple of sample size tubes of the Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream, which was a lovely surprise. Here’s how I got on with each of the products…
ginvera green tea exfoliating and bb cream 2 ginvera green tea exfoliating and bb cream 3 ginvera green tea exfoliating and bb cream 4 ginvera green tea exfoliating and bb cream 5 ginvera green tea exfoliating and bb cream 6

Ginvera BB Cream Swatch Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel Swatch

Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel* (£19.95 for 60g from

The Marvel Gel is designed to be used on dry skin, first being dotted around the cheeks and forehead and then gently massaged by dry fingertips before being washed off with a cleanser. Because I like to make sure I’m starting with a clean canvas whenever I do any type of treatment (which is how I’m treating exfoliation!) I first made sure to remove my makeup with my favourite makeup remover (it’s by S.W. Basics – and I’ll have to do a post on that one soon!), then an oil cleanse followed by a cream cleanse before going in for the exfoliation… and finishing it all off with a toner, hydrating spritz and facial oil.

After about 30 rubs (which is exactly what is says on the packaging!) the light green gel stops feeling slightly gooey on the skin and tiny little balls start to appear under the fingertips; I presume this is the gel gently lifting away the top layer of dead skin. I also gave this a go on my hands to see if I had the same results, but nothing happened so I suspect the gel reacts with sebum.

For the past two weeks I’ve been adding this exfoliation step to my evening skincare routine every three days to make sure I’m not over-stimulating or aggravating my naturally sensitive skin. Since starting I’ve noticed that my acne spots (the papules, not the pustules; and for clarity’s sake any cystic acne I get is directly linked to a very specific time of the month) have started to calm down (hurrah!) and that the discoloured skin of acne-spots-that-once-were is evening out a little bit faster than normal. (Though, if I’m being honest, this latter observation is not something anything but I would notice!) Also, my skin feels much softer after I’ve used it, so that’s totally a bonus.

All in all, I’m very happy to have the Ginvera exfoliation gel in my skincare arsenal!

Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream SPF30* (£17.95 for 25ml from

I’m very sorry to say, but I wasn’t expecting much when I first tried the Ginvera BB Cream. After all, I’ve tried oh so many BB Creams and I’ve never really been impressed. And now that I’ve shared my initial doubts with you, I’m happy to say I’ve got to eat those words because, actually, I quite liked this one!

The texture is more liquid than cream, but it spreads nicely and blends easily. I was impressed by how well it evened out my skin tone (though the coverage wasn’t as perfect as a foundation – but definitely nothing a concealer and powder couldn’t sort out!) and I liked that the coverage was buildable.

While this won’t be replacing my Laura Mercier foundation* on work days this winter (my skin tends to look ghostly and shattered by home time during the winter after I’ve stared at a computer screen for 8 hours – so I need all the coverage I can get!), it has earned a place in my makeup bag for the days off when I want coverage that’s not at all heavy – such as running errands, going to brunch or catching up with friends over a coffee. And I know that I’ll be reaching for the Ginvera BB Cream next summer when I want coverage that won’t feel heavy in the summer heat, with the added bonus of 30 SPF for those lunches in the sunshine!

Please note: while the products marked with a star (*) in this blog post were gifts, the views expressed are my own.

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