What I wore: a weekend trip to Paris

What I wore in Paris - 01

It’s been a while since I wrote a ‘what I wore‘ post, so I thought I’d write you up a nice little piece about what I wore for Jeff and my weekend in Paris!

Bonus: this post also contains pictures of me looking super awkward because I really haven’t nailed the whole “how to pose for a camera” thing yet. Instead I kind of danced and moved awkwardly while Jeff tried (and succeeded) to get some (any) workable pictures. I’ll be a little bit insulted if you don’t at least giggle at some of these poses I managed to pull.

What I wore in Paris - 02

What I wore in Paris - 03

What I wore in Paris - 04

What I wore in Paris - 06

What I wore in Paris - 07

What I wore in Paris - 08

What I wore in Paris - 09

What I wore in Paris - 10

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What I wore in Paris - 24

Striped top: ROMWE | Eye top: ROMWE | Boots: Frye | Lips bag: River Island circa 2011 | Kimono: ROMWE | Trainers: Vans | Skirt: Urbancode London, last season; similar via All Saints | Bracelet: Churoncalla | Coin Necklace: via London market | Quartz necklace: The Crystal Divide | High waisted jeans: All Saints | Weekender bag: Souks in Marrakech | Denim shirt: ASOS | Jeans with zippers: Insight via ASOS | Rucksack: via London market circa 2010

I’m a pretty practical packer. I hate bringing along too much (a heavy suitcase for the sake of it? No thanks!), and simultaneously hate when I don’t have to right items (arrgh the amount of times I’ve had to buy a new toothbrush or wear trainers to dinner!). So, when I pack for a trip I always look at the events planned and consider any practicalities – such as shoulders being covered, walking a lot, or needing to dress up for dinner.

For this particular trip I knew we’d be walking and lounging in cafes during the day, and going out for dinner and drinks in the evening. I’d have time to come home and change, but ideally I didn’t want to have to bring two sets of clothes for each day. My requirements for this trip were: (1) mix & match outfits (so all items worked with everything) that could (2) work from day-to-night, (3) be comfortable enough to hang out in all day while (4) looking good and (5) also fit in my weekend bag – with enough space to fit my shopping.

I chose to pack a top and bottom for each day, items to layer, a skirt for evenings, a pair of shoes for walking all day and a pair for going out, and a few accessories for the finishing touches. (For the eagle eyed amongst you, you’ll probably notice a few of these items from my recent ROMWE shopping experience.) And so, I came up with the above!

Not only was I happy about what I was wearing (and when you’re on holiday you know you’ll be taking more photos of yourself than usual, so it’s important to feel good about what you’re wearing!), but these outfits were also comfortable and practical. At night I swapped the jeans for the skirt and tights, the trainers for the boots and the rucksack for the gold lips bag. And voila! I had a nice evening look that wasn’t too fussy for where we were going, but also something I’d be happy being seen in.

How do you dress and pack for holidays? Are you a meticulous planner, or do you bring along your favourite pieces so you’ve got options while you’re away? I’d love to know! x

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