Checking out Lucky Dip Club: It’s Raining Cats & Dogs

Lucky Dip Club - 01

Subscription boxes: they’re trendy, fun, and usually less than £20 after p&p – which means they can make a nice monthly gift to yourself.

So after following Lucky Dip Club on Instagram for a few months and totally falling in love with the bright colours and quirky designs, I decided to take the plunge, purchase a box, and see how it went…

Lucky Dip Club - 02

Lucky Dip Club - 03

Lucky Dip Club - 04

Lucky Dip Club - 05

Lucky Dip Club - 06

Lucky Dip Club - 07

Lucky Dip Club - 08

Lucky Dip Club - 09

Lucky Dip Club - 10

Lucky Dip Club - 11

Lucky Dip Club - 12

Lucky Dip Club - 13

I had my box delivered to my office, and with the blue string tied in a bow (which is an adorable touch) it was super easy to spot in the post cupboard. (And had a few colleagues asking what I’d received!) I tucked it away till I got home, and photographed while I unboxed that evening – which means you’ve got shady low-light pictures again. I do hope you like the photography more than I do. 😉

The theme of April’s box is ‘It’s Raining Cats & Dogs’, which Leona, the founder of Lucky Dip Club, says was an evolution from the line in an old poem – “Sweet April Showers/Do bring May Flowers” – which means we have an idea of what’s in store for May. (And this tweet has got me pretty excited about what may be in store next month…!)

This month’s collaboration is with Gemma Correll, author of A Cat’s Life and A Pug’s Guide to EtiquetteIn the box were a few items designed by her exclusively for Lucky Dip Club: two broaches (one of a pug in a rain coat and bowler hat, and one of a kitty in a rain coat) and a brolly necklace. Which are, of course, right on theme and a good balance between the Lucky Dip Club’s colourful branding and Correll’s illustrative style.

From March until December the Lucky Dip Club boxes will each contain a Charm of the Month, and the first box ordered will have both a bracelet and a necklace (in your choice of gold or silver – you pick when you order your first box!) that you can put the charm on to wear. This month the charm was a little rainbow with clouds on the end; the left cloud featured a smiley face and the right cloud a frowny face.

Also inside my box were a few book plates and a bookmark with my first initial (perfect for a rainy day reading club), sticky notes with an illustration of a sausage dog wearing a blanket, post cards (one wishing sunshine, the other featuring Gemma’s pug, kitten and umbrella) and a wee fold up paper magazine. All bang on theme!

Now, as cute as this box is, as lovely as the items are, and as much as I do think it was worth the £18, it’s a wee bit too ‘twee’ for my personal style. Regardless, the May Flower tip off has peaked my curiosity, and I’ll be logging on tomorrow morning to try to get my hands on one so I can see how that compares (and write you a review, of course) – cross your fingers for me! x

Lucky Dip Club boxes are available for purchase on the first of the month at 7am from £18 for a one-off monthly box at, and are handmade & shipped by Leona at her London-based home each month.

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