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New in London: Melt Room (It never melt so good…)


One of my favourite things about living in London is that there’s always something new happening, and recently that something new was the opening of Melt Room, a new grilled cheese sandwich shop in Soho. It’s not too far from my office, so on the opening day several of my colleagues and I stopped by on our lunch break to check out the selection of grilled cheese sandwiches…










On opening day there was a queue out the door (so many grilled cheese lovers!) but the team at the counter were still able to get us through quickly (about 15-20 minutes from joining the queue to leaving with a sandwich) and also kept us fed with complementary crisps while we waited. They were also offering a £5 meal deal special for a sandwich + drink, which I totally took advantage of, along with a voucher for a free sandwich to the first so many customers. (Which means I’m certainly heading back there soon for a free grilled cheese – yay!)

The menu is short & succinct, but even so all of the sandwiches sounded so delicious and I struggled to make a decision. Lucky for me, my colleague Christina was happy to go halvsies with me so we could both try the Pastrami and Pulled Pork Shoulder sandwiches. Yum!

I thought the Pulled Pork Shoulder grilled cheese was a bit sweet for my liking (there was a good amount of apple chutney in it to complement the pork), but the cheese still melted beautifully and it was wonderfully juicy so I was happy to finish my half. The pastrami was the perfect (for me – I love savoury!) balance between meaty and creamy, with a great bite from the horseradish sauce. Next time I go I’m either getting the Pastrami grilled cheese, or a totally different option so I can try something new. (I’m not sure yet, so if you’ve been and have a favourite let me know!)

One of my colleagues picked up a Nutella & Mascarpone Melt for dessert, which I took a bite of, and oh my was it tasty. If you love sweet things or Nutella, I’d say this one is for you.

Now, I didn’t try – but I did notice – the breakfast melts which look uh-ma-zing. Like, seriously. If I ever needed motivation to head to work early, queuing up at Melt Room to try one of these would certainly do it for me.

Are you a grilled cheese fan, and have you checked out Melt Room yet?

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