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Earl of East London x Blue Guy Pottery: Wanderlust Series

wpid-20150507_200028.jpg For the past couple months my colleague Nikko (AKA my desk buddy, *waves*) has been bringing in candles that he’s developed for his business, Earl of East London, and I’ve responded by trying to sneak them home (he’s clever and always catches me). So when Earl of East London collaborated with Blue Guy Pottery for the Wanderlust series I was all too happy to come down and check out the collection at the launch party. (Spoiler alert: I didn’t even try to steal any candles at the event because that wouldn’t be nice of me at all.) wpid-20150507_201143.jpg













Thidaa of Blue Guy Pottery and Paul & Nikko of Earl of East London.

Thidaa of Blue Guy Pottery and Paul & Nikko of Earl of East London.

The Wanderlust Series is a limited edition candle range produced by hand in small batches, and is inspired by the strong desire for, or impulse to, wander, travel and explore the world and everything about it. There are two scents – Lost and Found – and each is in a differently glazed vessel corresponding with the scent profile.

Lost – The dark vessel references dark and earthy wooded trails. With notes of fresh balsam fir, smokey crackling firewood and musky patchouli this scent will evoke memories of wandering through a dark and mysterious forest. 

Found – The white vessel is the brighter of two with a scent that is equally as summery and light. A blend of creamy Gardenia, floral and sweet Jasmine and relaxing and rose geranium, this scent reminds us of summer walks.

When I smelled these I imagined myself practicing yoga somewhere exotic and far from home, somewhere new and magical. I could imagine myself relaxing somewhere far away from London, with a book tucked in my bag for company. For me, the smells brought to mind memories from travels past and also the feeling of adventure I can feel from my toes to my nose whenever I begin to plan the next trip away. I could picture cityscapes and forests and mountains and desserts, and the smells, sounds, and tastes associated with each. I found the Wanderlust Series Lost & Found scents invigorating, inspiring, exciting and soothing at once.

You can check out the Wanderlust Series at the Earl of East London shop space at Netil Market, 23 Westgate Street, E8 3RL, London, United Kingdom.

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