Shop Small: new glasses from Cubitts

I’ve worn prescription lenses on / off since I was 12 (when I had a stigmatism that came, then went), and consistently since I was 16 years old. At my latest optometrist check my prescription had changed, and I wanted to fill the prescription with glasses that best fit my price range, sustainability and ethical production efforts, and style aesthetics.

Indoor / evening glasses.

Enter Cubitts: founded in King’s Cross, London in 2013. Handmade in the traditional way, with most frames constructed with custom Cubitts pins that secure right through the acetate. Done by hand, it takes more more time and skill but means hinges can be easily maintained. However, I believe this assembly is done in China – though I’m not entirely certain.

Wearing my indoor / evening glasses.

For indoors / evenings, I selected the Grafton style.

Pricing is about £125 per frame including lenses, which is more expensive than chain optician options, but for the quality, style and how often I’ll wear these (every day until my next optician appointment in two years time), I’m happy to spend that.

In terms of budgeting, like many of my spectacled friends I save a little each month knowing that I’ll be happy I did so the next time I need to replace my glasses.

Outdoor / sunny day glasses.

This time around I was also looking for sunglasses. I’d been wearing the same Ray-Ban sunglasses / prescription for 6 years, and even though the prescription has not been accurate for the past two years, I was not driving during that time so my optometrist gave the green light. This time around, however, the prescription was too different to continue and I needed to replace the 6 year old Ray-Bans I loved so much.

Wearing my outdoor / sunny day glasses.

I chose the Matlida style because I like big sunglasses, but any of the Cubitts frames can become sunglasses, which is really cool. Sunglasses are also the same price as the regular ones.

Outdoor / sunny day glasses.

Do you wear prescription glasses? Where do you shop that you recommend?

Much love, Katie xo

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