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Shop Small: ethical socks by MAiK London

Socks and tray from MAiK London.

One of the first purchases I made on my sustainable living journey was new socks.

To be honest, I hadn’t bought new socks in probably a year because I wear mine until they are absolutely threadbare and beyond salvaging. But I’m now at the point where they all look a bit terrible (understatement), so I treated myself and bought new socks a little earlier than usual so that these are on hand for when my current socks need replacing.

Socks and tray from MAiK London.

I decided to buy from MAiK London because the designs are original, the socks are made in a family run factory in France, and the yarn for the socks is spin in Portugal using only eco-friendly pigments. Which made me feel reassured that this purchase wouldn’t be contributing to water pollution.

And while these socks aren’t a single fiber product that will be recyclable at the end of its life, at least the start of their life isn’t harming our water and is supporting quality craftsmanship.

Socks and tray from MAiK London.

I bought these socks myself during a discount promotion at £8 per pair, which is more expensive than a pack at M&S but roughly the same price as the full price individual pairs at TopShop, but they feel very soft, sturdy, and don’t slip down when I wear them. When I have the need, I’d happily re-purchase from MAiK.

What are your favourite independent brands for socks? Any suggestions of where else to shop? Let’s talk in the comments!

Much love, Katie xo

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